Should I show ‘Growth-Type Foreigner’… Hanwha Sanchez “KBO knows so we can prepare better”

Will the Hanwha Eagles Ricardo Sanchez show a better full-time season than the first year of the KBO.

Sanchez is a foreign pitcher who joined Birch Smith as a substitute after he was released due to injury after throwing only two ⅔ innings in the opening game last season. Sanchez played 126 innings in 24 games and recorded 7-8 losses and a 3.79 ERA, renewing his contract for up to $750,000 after the end of the season, including a $100,000 down payment, a $500,000 annual salary, and a $150,000 incentive.

Sanchez, who met at the Melbourne Ball Park where Hanwha’s spring camp is underway, said, “The weather in Australia is very good. It’s not hot or cold, so it’s an environment where you can definitely prepare well,” adding, “I feel very good because I think I’m starting with a good atmosphere.”업소알바

Hanwha renewed its contract with Sanchez and assigned him homework during the off-season. “I asked him to lose weight, and I asked him to train his defense and polish his breaking balls,” Choi said. “There are things I need to make up for while talking to the pitching coach at the camp.”

“You have to do well to be good for yourself, and it’s good for us,” Choi said. “To do so, we have to do such things to some extent,” adding, “I thought it would be possible to renew the contract. I decided that it would be better than having a strange player come and be sick or stubborn.”

Sanchez said, “I prepared hard during the offseason. I prepared mainly for the mistakes I made last year. If I can pick one thing, I think I can take the first base cover play as an example. In fact, there were cases where cover play mistakes last year led to scores, but I practiced a lot.”

“I think I have definitely built my body well. The most important thing is the condition I feel now, and I am very well prepared because my condition is better than I thought and my arms and feeling are good,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

Hanwha believes Sanchez’s experience last season will help a lot this year. One of the reasons is that he joined hands with Sanchez again because he has less risk of adapting than if he hired a new foreign pitcher. Sanchez is also looking forward to seeing better results in his second season in Korea, reviving last year.

Sanchez said, “Last year, we played games without being aware of the weather in Korea. I think Peña must have felt it to some extent. It was very hot and humid, so it affected my physical strength.”

“The tempo of games in the KBO League is a little faster than in the U.S. I practiced to catch the tempo a little bit. I think I can prepare better this year because I know those things,” he predicted.

“My goal is for the team to advance to the postseason. All the members of this team are longing for it,” he said, expressing his hope, “Just as we prepare the ground well to farm well, I hope we prepare hard and start the season and achieve what we want.”

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