“I lived in a baseball stadium for 12 hours a day.” A self-righteous SSG first baseman, with his passion, the referee’s father also volunteered as a one-on-one coach

The first base, which is considered the biggest battleground in the SSG Landers’ position competition this year, is expected to heat up even further. Kang Jin-seong (31), who joined the team through trade last year, displayed strong spirit ahead of his second season at SSG and his first full season.라바카지노주소

The SSG Futures team, which has been holding a spring camp at SSG Futures Field located in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, from the 1st, will depart for Taiwan on the 15th to raise their sense of practice in earnest. Among the players, Seo Jin-yong (32), who is rehabilitating with bone fragment removal surgery in November last year, and Kang Jin-sung, who is recovering from the surgery, stand out along with the 2024 rookies.

After Jamie Romak left for the 2021 season, SSG’s first base was effectively Muju Gongsan. Jeon Eui-san (24), a promising left-handed hitter in 2022, seemed to show his potential with 13 home runs and 45 RBIs. However, he failed to show consistency and became the reason why SSG acquired Kang Jin-sung from Doosan Bears in May last year.

After joining the SSG, Kang had four hits per game (against Doosan Bears on June 22), recording a batting average of 0.291 (32 hits in 110 at-bats) with three home runs and 15 RBIs in 43 games during the three months from June to August. He also failed to show steady performance due to injury. Kang, who only focused on rehabilitation until December, started technical training last month and is fully ready to play in the field now.

“I had pain in my left side during practice in the second half of last year’s season. I had prepared for the game with some pain until the postseason (without any rest) as my team was in a competition for rankings. Due to pain, I was not able to fully display my skills,” Kang said. “It was a disappointing year both personally and as a team as the team failed to record a victory in the postseason. However, I received an opportunity through trade and gained confidence in my psychology as well,” Kang recalled in 2023.

Kang Jin-sung, also known as the son of KBO referee Kang Kwang-hoi (56), was drafted by the NC Dinos as the 33rd player in the fourth round of the 2012 Rookie of the Year draft after graduating from Dongmu Elementary School, Jamsil Middle School, and Gyeonggi High School. The Career High season is 2020, with a batting average of 0.309 (122 hits in 395 times at bat), 12 homers, 70 RBIs and 9 steals, and an OPS of 0.814, driving NC’s first win as a main first baseman. However, he failed to continue his performance at that time, and moved to Doosan Bears as compensator for Park Gun-woo (34) in the winter of 2021, making it difficult to see him in the first division.

At the time of the trade, SSG had high expectations for Kang’s convenience as a slugger in 2020, and for the effect of the stadium, which would lead to Kang’s pro-baseball team to move away from Jamsil Baseball Stadium. According to an SSG official, Kang’s batting speed in the Futures League as of May last year was up to 167.9 kilometers per hour (trackman count), second only to Guillermo Heredia and Choi Jung. The figure was also one of the top five among SSG right-handed hitters and one of the top-ranked players in the KBO League.

Kang is one of the most anticipated players along with Jeon Eui-san at this year’s SSG 1st base. “If I have to choose my competitiveness among the competitors at first base, I have experienced this season in the first team to some extent. One of the things that I regret last year was that my bat speed fell in the second half of the season, and I try to make up for it through the camp,” Kang said.

“It’s regrettable that I couldn’t join the team’s primary camp even though I wanted to learn a lot from Choo Shin-soo because it’s his retirement season. However, camp is a process of building up your body, and baseball is the same wherever you start. As the season is important, my top priority is to build up a body that can play well during the season,” he added.

Kang spent most of his time commuting to and from Ganghwa Island this winter. His father, umpire Kang Kwang-hoe, also volunteered to coach him one-on-one to support his son’s passion. “In December last year, I practiced in a sweatshirt manner with my father at his alma mater, Dongmu Elementary School,” Kang said. “My father monitored my game and talked about being late a lot in terms of timing. He gave me lots of advice on baseball since I was young, so what he said helped me make up for what I lacked.”

“Coach Sohn Si-heon of the Futures said, “I’m a senior, but I want to go back to my initial commitment and work hard.” I spent 12 hours every day at the ballpark from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. commuting to and from Ganghwa Island. I’m tired, but I feel that the players around me are good, and the coaches are trying to help me, so I’m mentally working harder and healthy.” he laughed.

The addition of coach Son Si-heon, who first formed a relationship with NC as a fellow senior and junior in the SSG environment, gave Kang a sense of stability. Kang Jin-sung said, “Coach Son was with NC when he was a player. He was charismatic at the time, but he was a senior who took care of his juniors a lot. I remember him throwing batting balls for me every hour when it was Lee Dong-il and asking me if I would practice first,” he said. “I was a senior who I was watching, but it’s amazing to meet again like this, and I’m trying to follow the coach a lot this time.”

Kang is already in his 12th year as a professional player, but he has played the regulation at-bats only once in 2021. This is why he wanted full-time without injuries rather than specific stats. “Through the last season, I realized the importance of managing my body once again. My goal this year is to be helpful in the first team rather than numbers because I have paid a lot of attention to preventing injuries,” Kang said.

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