“I can’t believe my first impression is still lingering.” The 178 billion transfer was also surprised by Yamamoto’s bullpen pitching. “It’s really relentless.”

Japan’s best pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto has successfully completed his first bullpen session with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He seems to have made a proper first impression. Tyler Glasnow, 31, another former teammate, also expressed his surprise.

Yamamoto made his first bullpen pitching in a Dodgers uniform on the 10th.마카오토토

Yamamoto aimed to conquer the Japanese league and advance to the U.S.A. He also signed a 12-year, 325-million-dollar contract with the Dodgers and achieved his dream. The amount of his contract was the highest among pitchers in the Major League.

Among the new players who joined the Dodgers, he can be seen as the second player to attract attention after Shohei Ohtani.

As a result, many officials gathered around Yamamoto’s bullpen session. Manager Dave Roberts, President Andrew Friedman and other players also saw his pitching.

Yamamoto threw 21 pitches, mixing various pitches such as fastballs, curves, splitters, pitching seam, sliders and cutters.

The aftermath of his bullpen pitching was impressive. Still, the aftermath is not over.

When Yamamoto was pitching in the bullpen, Gavin Lux entered the batter’s box, and he said, “Everything is good. You can throw strikes with all pitches. You will be able to adapt quickly and succeed in the Major League.”

Another person gave a thumbs up. He is Glasnow, a new member of the Dodgers just like Yamamoto. He transferred from Tampa Bay to the Dodgers through trade, and furthermore, signed a five-year, 136.5 million-dollar contract extension.

Glasnow, who joined the starting rotation, saw Yamamoto’s pitching and said, “It’s really relentless. His pitching form is very interesting. I like the way he pitches because it’s so soft.”

Lux was also surprised by Yamamoto’s pitching form. Yamamoto has a pitching form that he throws right away without stopping his left leg. Glasnow also paid attention to this movement.

He said, “Yamamoto is strong and strong. It doesn’t matter if he is small. His movements are efficient and useless. He has proven that he is good at moving weight regardless of whether he raises his foot or not. He is throwing an explosive ball about 100 miles.”

In particular, Glasnow and Yamamoto have the same agent (Joel Olf). Therefore, I heard about Yamamoto.

“The first time we actually met was at the weight range. We talked for a second. I think we can talk more in the dugout from now on,” Glasnow said.

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