Professional baseball and MLB who are considering introducing Peach Clock directly listen to opinions

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), which is considering the introduction of “pitch clock,” has decided to listen directly to the opinions of officials from the Major League Baseball (MLB) who have successfully settled the related system.헤라카지노도메인

At the end of this month, KBO decided to send Oh Seok-hwan, chairman of the referee committee, and several team-level referees to Arizona, the U.S., where the MLB exhibition game will be held, to seek advice from MLB officials.

A KBO official said on the 8th, “The judges plan to keep an eye on how MLB operates the pitch clock and check the grievances of the field and what needs to be improved.”

In addition, after the exhibition game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres at the Peoria Sports Complex in Arizona on the 23rd, they decided to participate in a pitch clock briefing hosted by MLB and exchange opinions with local officials.

An official said, “The judges decided to deliver the contents of the briefing session to each KBO league club and share opinions on the introduction of pitch clocks.”

Pitch Clock is a regulation introduced by MLB in the 2023 season to reduce game time.

A pitcher must pitch within 15 seconds if there is no runner and within 20 seconds if there is a runner. A batter must strike eight seconds before the pitch clock ends.

If a pitcher breaks it, “one ball” is automatically given, and if a batter breaks it, “one strike” is automatically given.

This regulation drastically reduced the duration of a game. The average duration of regular innings (nine times) in the MLB last year was 2 hours and 40 minutes, which is 24 minutes lower than that of the 2022 season.

KBO, which confirmed its effectiveness, decided to introduce a pitch clock system for the 2024 season.

However, the decision will be made in the second half after a trial run in the first half, accepting on-site opinions on players’ injury risk and deteriorating performance. The decision has effectively put a moratorium on introduction.

However, the Futures (second-tier) league has decided to normally introduce pitch clocks in the 2024 season.

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