The father’s performance on the street for a living laid the foundation for his son Martin’s entry into the Hall of Fame

Catcher Russell Martin, who worked with Park Chan-ho (51) and Ryu Hyun-jin (37) in the Major League in the past, entered the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.라바카지노도메인

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced on social networking service (SNS) on the 7th (Korea time) that it would send a congratulatory message to former Dodgers catcher Martin, who was admitted to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

Martin, who played for a total of 14 seasons in the Major League, played for the Dodgers for six years. He was recognized for both offense and defense, winning two All-Star awards as well as a Gold Glove for the best defender and a Silver Slugger award for the best batter.

Martin’s achievements and successes shine even more because of his difficult past.

Martin was born to a black Canadian father and a white French mother. As a result, he is fluent in both English and French. However, his parents divorced when he was 2 years old. Martin’s father, who had no stable job, had a hard time financially, playing the saxophone on the street in the subway station to pay for his son’s baseball lesson.

“My father taught me baseball until I was 14 years old, and when I was young, he played saxophone at the subway station to pay for lessons at the baseball club,” Martin said in an interview with a reporter from Pittsburgh. “I still remember classifying coins and turning them into bills at a nearby convenience store.”

Martin said, “My father devoted himself to me, even though I was not rich, and when I got home after school, he took me to a nearby playground and taught me baseball myself. To meet that time, I always went to the subway station early in the morning to play the saxophone on time for people to come to work. He was a warm-hearted person who played music to other children my age and instilled dreams and hopes,” he said, recalling his memories with his father.

Martin, nicknamed “Muscle” and “Gladiator” because of his solid physique and appearance, is also familiar to Korean baseball fans in the past by working with Park Chan-ho and Ryu Hyun-jin.

“When I was working with Park Chan-ho, he was a bullpen pitcher, so I couldn’t spend much time with him, but his ball speed and movement were amazing. Moreover, his thighs were incredible,” Martin remembered his old teammate.

“Park Chan-ho was good at baseball, but he had a good sense of humor as well. When I was speechless after coming up to me in the locker room, I would lose my words,” Martin said. “It may have been because English was not my first language, but I personally enjoyed and remember Park Chan-ho’s appearance.”

Martin, who was born in Canada and made his Major League debut in 2006, finished his career after the 2019 season. Having played for a total of 14 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh, Toronto and LA Dodgers, he recorded a career batting average of 0.248, 191 homers and 771 RBIs.

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