Australian Camps With Investment, Enthusiasm… ‘Korean currency effect’ excites Melbourne

Australia’s professional baseball (ABL), known in Korea after Geelong Korea.헤라카지노도메인

Although Australian baseball has recently grown to the point where it threatens Korean baseball on the international stage, it is true that it is still not very popular in the region. The themes of local media and numerous sports channels are usually cricket and rugby, and Hosik soccer, which is the middle stage between rugby and soccer. Other sports such as tennis and horse racing are sometimes introduced, but baseball and soccer do not play a major sports role like in Korea.

Melbourne, where Hanwha Eagles’ spring camp is underway. It is true that it was difficult to expect good conditions from the beginning in such an environment.

Hanwha, which had its first spring camp in Mesa, Arizona, last year, shifted to Australia ahead of preparations for this season. Australia, which is in the southern hemisphere, has a midsummer season, which is in stark contrast to Korea’s, and has the advantage of easy adaptation and condition management due to the two-hour jet lag. In contrast, poor training facilities were considered a disadvantage compared to the U.S. In particular, Melbourne was not as well-known as a training site for Korean teams compared to Sydney.

Starting with an on-site inspection in June last year, Hanwha started planning its camp in Melbourne. During the process, the Korean team decided to invest money in renovating stadium facilities for efficient training. Despite the considerable cost of replacing the ground grass and soil, the team decided to increase the training efficiency. It sought to find various ways to not only repair the ground but also to fill up insufficient training equipment and solve accommodation and movement.

The Melbourne Aces, the owner of the Melbourne Ball Park, also actively moved. In September last year, the head of the Melbourne team visited Korea and held a presentation in front of Hanwha officials in Daejeon, strongly hoping to host the camp. After reviewing the plan, Hanwha returned to Melbourne last month and focused on making up for its shortcomings. The Melbourne team persuaded the local government to give momentum to Hanwha’s move. The Melbourne local government, which owns Hanwha Defense Australia, which has annual economic benefits of 1.3 trillion won, also expressed its willingness to cooperate.

Hanwha’s spring camp opened through such a process. The training has achieved the highest satisfaction level. Through preparation for the event over half a year, the team has created the best training conditions. Last year, the U.S. experienced a lot of hardships due to the cold weather that hit the U.S., but in Australia, the daytime highs are constant at 25-30 degrees Celsius even with little rain, and the team is conducting training in perfect conditions with cool winds.

The Melbourne team is also enjoying the “Hanwha Effect.” A significant number of tickets for the practice match between the Australian national team and Hanwha, which will be held at the Melbourne Ball Park from the 17th to the 18th, have been sold. Not only large domestic airlines but also local Korean companies are going to advertise the stadium. The Melbourne team, which was relatively less spotlighted than other sports, seems to be greatly pleased with the fact that it has generated not only interest but also profits. An official from Hanwha said, “The Melbourne team has expressed its intention to provide videos directly to Eagles TV (Hanwha YouTube channel) by using the equipment for the practice game.”

An official from Hanwha said, “If the camp is held in the U.S., you can use excellent facilities, but there are many restrictions. It is also a problem that the climate has recently become cold during the camp, and most of all, it is true that the training efficiency is greatly affected due to the problem of jet lag.” “We chose Australia to overcome these problems and find an efficient way, and so far, we are satisfied with all of them in terms of climate and facilities.”

The Melbourne club is courting Hanwha to continue to establish long-term relationships during the camp. Local governments are also expressing their intention to actively support Hanwha in the future. The positive effects brought by Hanwha and the camp conditions with investment and enthusiasm are stirring Melbourne.

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