‘Kang Jung-ho, I’m still active’… Former colleague Harrison is playing active this year as well

Former teammate of Kang Jung-ho, infielder Josh Harrison (37) will also play in the Pittsburgh Pirates this year. The two played together for four seasons from 2015 to 2018.마카오토토주소

Harrison’s agency MSM Sports reported in a press release on the 6th (Korea time) that “Harrison signed a one-year short-term FA (free agent) contract with the Cincinnati club.”

This contract is a minor league contract that includes invitation to the Major League spring camp, and Harrison will compete at the camp to join the 26-man roster of the opening game. Details of incentives based on annual salary and performance are not known.

A native of Cincinnati in the U.S., Harrison was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the eighth round of the 2008 MLB Rookie of the Year (191 times overall) and entered the pro league. However, he was traded to Pittsburgh in 2009 and made his Major League debut two years later in May 2011.

Harrison, who has grown into an indispensable presence in the Pittsburgh infield mainly by playing second and third bases, had his best season in 2014 with a batting average of 0.315, 13 home runs, 52 RBIs, and 18 steals, earning his first All-Star.

Based on this, Harrison signed a four-year extension from 2015, but was mired in injury and sluggishness in 2018, and became an FA after the end of the season because he did not implement the team options the club had.

Since then, Harrison has continued to play for Detroit, Washington, Oakland, Chicago White Sox, and Philadelphia. Having played for a total of 13 seasons in the Major League until last year, Harrison has a career batting average of 0.270 with 73 homers, 388 RBIs, and 91 steals.

Except for 2022, the number of participating hours has been noticeably reduced every year since 2021, but he has continued his long active career with the advantage of diversity and fast focus to play infield positions.

In an interview with MHN Sports, Harrison recalled Kang Jung-ho, his former teammate from Pittsburgh, saying, “King Kang (Kang Jung-ho’s nickname) was a player who was good not only in defense but also in power at bat. It’s a pity that he would still be playing in the Major League if he didn’t drink and drive.”

Kang Jung-ho became the first KBO (Korea Professional Baseball) fielder to advance to the Major League through the posting system in 2015. In 2015, his first year as a member of Pittsburgh, he surprised everyone by recording an outstanding performance with a batting average of 0.287 with 15 home runs and 58 RBIs.

In 2016, when he was in his second year in the Major League, he started an era of big league success with a batting average of 0.255 with 21 home runs and 62 RBIs. However, he caused a stir by drunken driving in Korea during the offseason of that year, and ended up wasting the entire 2017 season.

Kang, who was pushed out of the Major League after the 2019 season, sought to return to the KBO League through his original team Kiwoom, but failed to do so due to the strong opposition from fans and public opinions. Currently, he lives in LA and runs a baseball academy.

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