Good, one more time. OK, nice! Camp atmosphere UP. NC’s Park Se-hyuk. The secret to infinite “positive energy” is

He is not tired at all. He is full of energy. He encourages his teammates with various spirit. He wants to be a little supportive to his teammates. This is what Park Se-hyuk (34), NC Dinosaurs’ master, said. Park Se-hyuk is responsible for the atmosphere of the spring camp and is a vanguard of spreading “positive energy.”

Park Se-hyuk, who met at Enex Field in Tucson Reed Park, Arizona, where the NC Spring Camp is being held on the 6th (Korea time), was more confident than ever. He greeted his colleagues and seniors with a brighter and more courageous voice than anyone else. It is a marked change from last year’s camp.월카지노도메인

When asked about the reason for his exuberance, Park said, “I thought a lot during the off-season. I looked back on myself as I couldn’t play at the last minute of last year’s season. I felt like I had to change myself,” adding, “Now that I have many juniors, I have decided to set an example.” I try to participate in camp training with a smile and a bright smile.”

What made him change? After the 2022 season ended, Park Se-hyeok joined the NC Dinosaurs as a free agent. Since it was his first year as an FA, he had strong will to do well, but he had a disappointing season due to injuries and poor performance. He self-reflected himself during the off-season and worked hard. He then started preparing for the 2024 season more vigorously. He entered the U.S. with captain Son Ah-seop, and finished warming up before the camp by building up his body at the Kang Jeong-ho School.

NC’s grandmother Park Se-hyuk receives a bullpen pitch from pitchers at Tucson Spring Camp in Arizona, U.S. Photo | NC Dinos

NC’s battery coach Yoon Soo-gang also admitted. “Park Se-hyuk has been in such a good physical condition, and he is leading the team’s atmosphere with positive energy,” Yoon said.

“I thought that I had been complacent and lacking in preparing for the season. There were injuries, but that’s actually a done deal,” Park said. “I think I was complacent by justifying myself, saying, “This is enough.” So this year, I silently prepared for the season. I entered the U.S. first and worked hard to build up my body and practice at the place where Kang Jung-ho is.”

“I think I lost my direction to go because I’m not a young player, but I think I’ve come to believe in myself while building up my off-season body,” he said. “As I set my direction to go out, I’m sure there will be good results. I have no regrets about my hard work, so I’m satisfied with that,” he said.

Park Se-hyeok gives strong energy not only to pitchers but also to fielders during bullpen sessions. “When pitching with a bullpen, you have to have such spirit in order for pitchers to pitch excitedly,” Park said. “I think I can throw balls in a fun way when I come to the mound,” adding, “I think I try to give younger players some strength.”

Lastly, “The most important thing is that I hope all of our players finish the camp well without any injuries. As our team entered the fall baseball league last year and played many good games, our confidence increased,” he said. “I hope we don’t lose confidence and go higher. There are a lot of young players, but it’s going to be hard, but I hope you have a good idea and be as bright as you are now.”

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