“The greatest panic buy?” Small market KC wrote, “504.6 billion won.”

The Kansas City Royals, a small market club, spent the best in the club’s history. It invested more than three times the highest contract ever made.라바카지노

Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com said on the 6th (Korea time) that Kansas City and Wit Jr. signed an ultra-long-term extension contract.

According to this, the guarantee is 11 years to $288.7 million. In addition, it is an amazing contract worth up to 14 years to $377.8 million, including three years of club option.

Starting in the seventh year, he can opt-out after every season. If he enters the free agent market after the seventh year, he will sign a contract worth at least seven years to 141 million dollars.

Without this contract, Wit Jr. will be eligible for FA after 2027 season. In other words, it will be a contract that includes three seasons after the minimum FA.

What’s surprising is that the contract came from Kansas City. This is not only the biggest expenditure in the club’s history, but also more than three times the maximum contract that has been made so far.

Kansas City’s previous biggest contract came in March 2021. At the time, Kansas City signed Salvador Perez to a four-year-$82 million contract.

This is 5-95.5 million U.S. dollars, including the option of the club. It is very small compared to the total amount of the contract with Witte Jr. that was released on the day. It is less than one-third of the contract.

As a result, it can be said that Kansas City left Witt Jr. with the fate of the club. If Witt Jr. does not grow as expected, the club has no future.

Witte Jr. is an All-Star shortstop with both slugging and fast feet. However, he struck out 256 while allowing 70 walks since his Major League debut.

A player with a very poor ability to select pitches. It is quite surprising that such a player has a contract of up to 377.8 million dollars from Kansas City, not from the LA Dodgers or the New York Yankees.

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