‘Return to Pohang’ Yong-jun said, “Train your mind in Japan… I want to win and be at the awards ceremony.”

A press conference for the 2024 K-League Winter Training Media Camp was held at the Parev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island on Tuesday. Pohang Steelers, where coach Park Tae-ha took the helm, will continue its second training camp in Jeju after completing its first training camp in Hanoi, Vietnam.토토사이트

Hur Young-joon left for Begaltasendai on loan last season. After adapting himself to the situation, he returned to Pohang with five goals and one assist in 26 games.

Looking back on his Japanese career, he said, “I had some difficulties when I was playing in an overseas league for the first time. I had a hard time adjusting to the culture and soccer style for about six months. I think I have shown a lot of good performances since I got used to it, but honestly, I have some regrets,” he said. “I feel like I have strengthened my mental strength because I overcame six months of difficulties and showed good performances.”

Pohang has changed a lot while Heo Yong-joon has been to Japan. Coach Kim Ki-dong left and Park Tae-ha took over. From what Heo Yong-joon felt, the style he pursued has changed more linearly, and the intensity of his training has become much stronger.

Among them, he expressed his ambition to take care of both his team and personal goals. “I think we need to win at least one trophy this season as well. I want to play in the AFC Champions League,” he said. “I want to go to an award ceremony this year. Only the players who did well in that season go there, so if I am there, I think I can consider it a season that I did well.”

Have you changed a lot in Pohang since you came back after a year?

Indeed, it has changed a lot. Most importantly, because the coach has changed, the rules, discipline, and soccer style have also changed. I think it’s hard to adapt.

Is there anything that you thought changed a lot

Soccer tactics have changed a lot. We have a game soon, but we didn’t have much time for tactical training. I’m worried that it’s a short time to play soccer that the coach wants.

Tactically, where has there been a change?

I think he will display a more straightforward style of soccer. During the time of head coach Kim Ki-dong, if Pohang had many crosses and was more aggressive, Park Tae-ha’s tactics would likely involve more straight-line moves and more ball possession.

If it’s a straight football, the role of the flanker is important. Do you think you’ll play a lot of roles

Such a big mission has not been given yet. I’m not playing in a position that I can do well now. I’m playing in a place where it’s my first time in Pohang. I’m adapting, but I’m also worried about whether I can do well. Still, I’m thinking positively about learning a lot.

I haven’t learned it from anyone else. I watch training videos on my own and watch videos of us playing together, and do my best to play soccer that the coach wants.

I experienced the J-League last season. If I were to say how I felt in general

He showed a good performance in Pohang, so he advanced to Japan, and it was not that bad in Japan. He also showed a lot of good performances. However, there were difficulties when he went to an overseas league for the first time. It was really hard for about six months to adjust to the culture and soccer style. I think he showed a lot of good performances after adapting, but honestly, I have a regret. I wanted to do more, but since I came back from an inevitable situation, I want to show a better performance again and become a player who develops to the next level.

What is the difference between the J-League and the K-League?

Of course, players in the K-League work hard, but their running distance, pressure speed and tempo were too fast. Since Japan has many smart players who are good at kicking balls, it was hard to catch up with them in the beginning. Definitely, Korea is much better in terms of physical strength. Instead, Japan runs a lot and kicks a lot of balls.

I think it’s the mental rather than the internal factor of soccer. Because I overcame difficulties for six months and showed a good performance, I feel like I have strengthened my mental strength. To put it more specifically, even if he can’t play, he is preparing hard from behind. I think I prepared a lot as a rookie, thinking that I will get a chance someday while preparing well.

I got a lot of calls. I always get a lot of calls (laughs). Before I left, he asked me what kind of Japanese soccer is like, what kind of culture is it, what I should do first, what I dislike and what I like, and I told him everything. When I heard that my favorite brother is going to Japan, I felt even more so. It must be very difficult and difficult because it’s his first time going to Japan. I hope he can get some help from my story. I got a call last week (whether he got a call today as well), and I’m very happy. I love my lifestyle, my training system, my culture and soccer that I don’t have in Korea.” He said he wanted to play in a good place for a long time because he went to a good team called the Nagoya Stampers. He said he wanted to stay forever, too. Even if he didn’t tell him to come back, he didn’t seem to want to come back at all.

Pohang’s performance in the last season was good. Pohang gradually developed and won the championship last season. What is your position regardless of loan

I envied him a lot. If I were there, I would have lifted the trophy together and achieved a better result. Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong has been creating the team for about five years. I think that peaked last year. He showed great soccer. However, it bothers me that I couldn’t fit in with him. I hope this season goes well like last season because I came back from rental.

Will that regret be a motivation?

That’s right. I think we need to win at least one trophy this season. I want to win an ACL.

My ACL is next week, and my opponent is Jeonbuk. Was it your favorite or not?

I didn’t like it. It’s because it’s a strong team. If there were coach Kim Ki-dong, I wouldn’t have worried much, but a lot has changed and the first game has been scheduled quickly.

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