Lee Seung-hyun’s precious study abroad in Australia, including selection challenge, unexpected benefactor, and peach clock

Lee Seung-hyun, a left-hander of the Samsung Lions, has been busy this off-season. He was dispatched to the Adelaide Giants of the Australian Baseball League in November after the end of the season, and took only four days of rest before working out again. When I woke up, Lee already had spring camp, but he stretched out, saying, “I’m not tired at all.”헤라카지노도메인

Going to Australia in the winter became a huge asset for Lee. I was able to play baseball that I wanted to play without any pressure. The biggest change was Lee’s challenge to start. Lee, who has always served as a bullpen pitcher for Samsung since his debut in 2021, has always been on the starting mound in Australia. Lee conveyed his desire to challenge the team before leaving the country, and it was accomplished when the coaching staff accepted the offer.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man also readily accepted Lee’s bid. Although he was still in the early stages of the spring camp, he included his name as a starting candidate. “The starting lineup is two foreign players, Won Tae-in is fixed, and the fourth is Baek Jung-hyun. Choi Chae-heung and Hwang Dong-jae, and Lee Seung-hyun, the left-hander who is trying to become the starting pitcher, are competing for one spot as the fifth starter,” Park said. He was not included in the starting lineup just because of his greed and willingness. It was a possible starting challenge because he performed well as a starter in Australia.

As he watched the Australian Baseball League, where players with diverse experiences including the U.S. Major League, Minor League, and Japanese professional baseball leagues gather together, he has broadened his horizons. “He has different ways of warming up and different ways of dealing with baseball. It was impressive to see him control his emotions on the mound, and it helped him a lot to prevent injury,” Lee said.

I met an unexpected benefactor. It was Tooru Murata (Japan, Nippon-Ham Fighters) who had a bowl of rice in Adelaide for a short time. Murata, who said he took good care of Samsung players including Lee Seung-hyun, Lee Byung-hun, and Park Kwon-hoo, even looked up videos of Lee’s past pitching performances for Lee, who was struggling with poor speed. Rumor has it that he encouraged Lee by saying, “I can throw again 150km/h.” It was a great help to Lee.

He also experienced Peach Clock, which is highly likely to be introduced to the KBO League in the new season, indirectly. The Australian league does not do Peach Clock, but second-tier pitching coach Park Hee-soo, who went to Australia with him, checked and coordinated Lee’s pitching time with a watch. Lee said, “It was difficult at first. It was tighter than I thought. When I get a ball from a catcher, I get it three to four steps down from the mound, and from this point on, I time is ticking. I took my breath, wiped and threw, but 15 seconds went by so fast. Still, Coach Park Hee-soo talked a lot about the time when a runner was present and when he was not present, so I am used to it now.” I will continue to throw balls at the same tempo in the KBO league as well.”

“Precious experiences I had through sweating in winter.” In order for this new season’s efforts to come to fruition, staying healthy is the top priority. “I’m not conscious of challenges to start a new season and just focusing on building my body well in the camp,” he said. “My goal is not to dwell on my performance, and to stay in the first team without getting sick.”

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