Save King Seo Jin-yong, who has a smooth rehabilitation, presents coffee to SSG Futures Camp

SSG Landers closer Seo Jin-yong (33) presented coffee for the Futures (second-tier) team players.월카지노

The SSG team is on off-season training in Vero Beach, Florida, the U.S. from Thursday. However, Seo Jin-yong, who became the relief pitcher last year, failed to join the team. He had surgery to remove bone fragments in his elbow in November last year. He joined Futures Camp, which is currently conducting training at Ganghwa SSG Futures Field, and is conducting rehabilitation training.

Seo gave about 60 cups of coffee to the Futures coaching staff and the team on Wednesday, a day before his first day off. “I started this season as a rehabilitation worker for the first time in eight years since 2016. Now, I can hardly match up with the players in Ganghwa Island because of different age gaps and different schedules,” Seo said through his team.

“I saw all the players prepare hard for the season, even doing night training. I ended up buying coffee to cheer them up. I hope the players will refresh themselves and train to Taiwan camp without any injuries,” he said.

Seo took the mound in 69 games last year, recording five wins, four losses, 42 saves and an ERA of 2.59. He also acquired the first title (save) in his career, and broke the 36 saves Ha Jae-hoon achieved in 2019, setting a new record for the most saves in a single season in his team. He solidly secured the back door by allowing no point in his 20th consecutive game and continuing his successful save streak for 30 consecutive games. However, he had difficulties due to pain from the end of the season.

Fortunately, his rehabilitation has been going smoothly since his surgery. He is preparing for his return to the hospital without getting sick. He started playing catch from the end of January and gradually expanded his distance to 25 meters. He will join the Future Camp in Taiwan, which is scheduled on January 15, and begin preparations for the opening of the season.

Park Si-hoo, a left-hander who is in his fourth year of professional career, said, “Seo Jin-yong bought me coffee for my juniors during the offseason last year. He always tells his juniors, ‘Are you okay’ and ‘How are you doing?’ and gives me a lot of advice. Thank you for your care, and I hope you rehabilitate well and return to the first division in a healthy way.”

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