“Because there was no right answer in baseball…” Why did Kim Jin-wook, who will succeed Lotte’s best left-hander, remain unfinished?

There is a pitcher who drew attention as he would inherit Joo Hyung-kwang, a legendary left-hander of the Lotte Giants. It is Kim Jin-wook (21), a left-hander who is entering his fourth year as a pro.

When he was a student at Gangneung High School, he was also considered the best pitcher in high school. He pitched a fastball with a high RBI speed of 150 kilometers per hour in high school. In fact, he won the Choi Dong-won Award, which is given to the best pitcher in high school, beating his seniors who played in the current professional leagues such as KT and Lee Min-ho since his sophomore year.월카지노도메인

In 2020, when he became a third grader, he beat his peers in succession to lead Gangneung High School and lead the team to victory. When Lotte named Kim Jin-wook as the No. 1 player in the second round in 21, expectations were high that a new pitcher would be born to succeed the Giants left-hander legend. However, Kim Jin-wook did not meet expectations significantly with four wins, six losses and eight holds in 39 games in 2021, and two wins, five losses and 6.36 in 14 games in 2022.

It was all the more regrettable last year. Having started early as a relief pitcher, he pitched well with 11.2 scoreless innings, one win and three holds for 10 games in April alone, and has seen his performance make a comeback. Finally, he shook off his weaknesses in ball control and seemed to be reborn as a strong pitcher. However, after pitching in 11 games without allowing a single point, he suffered ups and downs little by little. After June, he failed to regain his early momentum and ended the 23-season with two wins, one loss and eight holds ERA of 6.44 in 50 games.

This is why 24 seasons are all the more important. I met Kim Jin-wook at Lotte’s spring camp, which is taking place at the Dedeo Sports Complex in Guam.

The following is a question and answer with Kim Jin-wook.

How are you preparing for your position

He didn’t say much, so I’m still preparing in the middle of my run last year.

I think it is all the more regrettable because I started well last year (11 consecutive games without allowing a single goal). I think your commitment will be different

In fact, there was a clear opportunity for me to hit harder last year when I was doing well and didn’t do well. Still, because I only thought about what I had been doing so well in the beginning, I think I went up further and fell.

He was considered one of the best when he was in high school, and many said he had good ball control. He also improved physically, but what made him suffer in the professional league

Of course, he said he had good ball control in high school, but I think he was a pitcher who could throw to some extent in the strike zone, not just a corner or a corner. Also, he didn’t come up because he was good at baseball since he was young, but because he was struggling and played baseball well in his second or third year of high school, he would have already found the reason (with an awkward smile). Since there is no correct answer to baseball (with an unfortunate expression), I think it takes a little longer to find it.

I think you must have had a hard time

Since there are so many expectations… The coaches were looking forward to it, and Coach Bae Young-soo was looking forward to it… The ending was really disappointing, so the coach was very disappointed.

Was there a psychological problem

Of course, I’ve been doing well (at the beginning of the 23rd season), so I think it has had a worse effect because I tried to do better. The older brothers and Koo Seung-min also have a lot of experience in the bullpen, so when I talk about it, a lot of people say, “When you come to the ballpark, you have to always go in with the same thoughts and feelings, because what’s gone by and what’s going to happen hasn’t happened yet.”

If it wasn’t good the day before, was there something you kept in mind when you went to the ballpark the next day

Still, I’m trying to shake off a little bit, but I think I thought a little bit, “I didn’t do well yesterday, so I should do better today.”

Photo = Reporter Chun Jung-hwan
Some point out that the pitching form changes depending on the situation

Coaches lack control and consistency, so they try to catch things like that. But neither Bae Young-soo nor Joo Hyung-kwang talk much about form, and I think it’s changing little by little because I’m trying to catch that (consistency)

What does coach Joo Hyung-kwang emphasize a lot

He said a lot, “Don’t think much about it and throw it in balance, I just want it to be easy.”

In the past, coach Joo Hyung-kwang’s record was always summoned when he started and threw well, how was it meeting as a coach and a player?

I met him for the first time last year. He’s a Lotte legend and he teaches me a lot. I think he’s a different style from coach Bae Young-soo.

What are the differences?

(Laughing) Coach Bae Young-soo is the type to say what he has to say (laughing from all reporters). I made sure to say what I had to say and pointed it out. Of course, I haven’t been with Coach Joo Hyung-kwang a lot, but I don’t think he’s that kind of style when I hear from the other members. That’s different.

When coach Joo Hyung-kwang took office, I heard a lot of people asked me to raise Kim Jin-wook like he was an active player. Haven’t you heard of it?

That’s right. Once the left-hander of the Lotte Giants, the connection with coach Joo Hyung-kwang will bring about a lot of stories and interest. I want to show him as a pitcher who always wants to fight, has a fighting spirit, and always throws one pitch, one pitch hard.

There were a lot of left-handers in the team

First of all, Jin Hae-soo has a lot of experience. I think I have to ask a lot of those experiences. It would be very helpful to ask a lot of other routines or thoughts when it doesn’t work or goes well. I haven’t talked to him in person yet because I met him for the first time yesterday.

Have you talked to Director Kim Taehyung a lot

During the closing camp, he told me a lot about baseball technology. He also said, “Do well, I think you can do well.”

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