Toronto, ‘Found No. 4’ Toronto, ‘1539G Veteran Infielder’ Turner signs one-year, 17.3 billion contract

Justin Turner, one of the veteran infielders representing Major League Baseball, is heading to the Toronto Blue Jays.

MLB Network’s John Morosi said on the 31st, “According to a source, Toronto and Turner have agreed to a one-year contract. We have decided to recruit one of the most reliable veterans in the Major League.”마카오카지노도메인

According to Major League Baseball’s official website , the contract is worth 13 million dollars per year and the incentive amount is 1.5 million dollars. If Turner meets all options, he will receive up to 14.5 million dollars (about 19.3 billion won).

Turner made his big league debut as a Baltimore Orioles player in 2009, and moved to the New York Mets the following year. After the 2013 season, he moved to the LA Dodgers again, and he shared a room with Korean Monster Ryu Hyun-jin.

Starting with 2015 (16), Turner has produced double-digit home runs for five consecutive years through 2016 (27), 2017 (21), 2018 (14), and 2019 (27). He has also shown stable third base defense, easing burdens on pitchers.

Turner, who showed off his slugging capability in 2021 (27) and 2022 (13), moved to the Boston Red Sox ahead of the 2023 season. He met his team’s expectations by posting a batting average of 0.276 and 23 home runs and 96 RBIs (on-base plus slugging) of 0.800 last year while 154 hits from 146 games in 558 games. His overall record in the big league was 1,461 hits from 1,539 games to 5080 at-bats for a batting average of 0.2888, 187 homers, 759 RBIs and 738 runs scored OPS of 0.828.

Keegan Mattison, Toronto correspondent for , organized the lineup in the order of George Springer (right fielder), Bo Bissett (striker), Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (first baseman), Turner (designated hitter), Davis Schneider, Cavan Biggio (second baseman), Danny Jansen (striker), Alejandro Kirk (striker), Dalton Basho (left fielder), Isaiah Kainer-Palepa (third baseman) and Kevin Kiermaier (midfielder). It is noteworthy that Turner will play the designated fourth hitter role.

Turner, who played defense for third base until 2022, played 98 games as designated hitter last year, easing burdens on defense. He played 41 games and 10 games as first and second basemen, respectively, and only seven games have he played as third basemen. He also seems likely to focus on batting in Toronto.

However, said, “It depends on what Toronto does next. If Turner starts recruiting designated hitters in the FA market, he will have to constantly play, and if he focuses on third baseman, Turner will be designated as the designated hitter, and Guerrero Jr. will be appointed as the first baseman. He will play a role similar to that of Brandon Belt last year.”

Ben Nicholson-Smith of Canadian media SportsNet said, “Having Turner at 39 years old is Toronto’s most aggressive recruitment so far. Depending on the situation, he can play as a third baseman, first baseman and designated hitter,” noting Turner’s utility.

His teammates are happy to see him join. As for Bissett, he appeared on the Canadian podcast “Blair & Barker,” 590 The FAN, and discussed his team’s development, pointing to Turner as a player he wants to play with. “I think the whole organization should strive to be the best and to win the World Series,” Bissett said. “I have great players, including Turner and J.D. Martinez. I can think of two players who can help me off the field.”

Meanwhile, Matt Chapman, an FA infielder who played for Toronto last season, is connecting with teams that want to strengthen their infield while putting more weight on transfers than staying. Morosi said, “Chapman’s future has become clearer with Turner’s trip to Toronto,” and cited Lee Jung-hoo’s team, the San Francisco Giants, as a candidate for recruitment along with the Chicago Cubs.

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