Mental breakdown ahead of SCAM departure, cohesion is the only thing to believe… Will 35-year-old “Na Captain” be the savior in his third year in FA

This is the case with the KIA Tigers, who are set to leave the spring camp. The first ever “Spring Camp without a head coach” will be launched in the history of the KBO League. Jin Gap-yong, the head coach who left for Australia on Tuesday, is welcoming the team, but he apparently looks perplexed by the decision to suspend and dismiss the coach through new media on Tuesday. He even shed tears, saying, “I am not ready in my heart.”헤라카지노주소

The shocking exit of the coach, who had been on the same team until last season, would be even more shocking. As the coach emphasized “team first” and “one team,” the impact would be even bigger. After the news spread, the team contacted each other and tried hard to figure out what was going on inside the team. However, the decision was made before the cause could be identified.

Despite this, time flies and the season is approaching. We cannot remain complacent forever.

A total of 47 KIA players are participating at the camp in Australia. The camp consists of 22 pitchers, four catchers, 12 infielders, and nine outfielders. Among the rookies in 2024, pitchers Cho Dae-hyun and Kim Min-joo were on the list. They will take a three-day training-one-day break in Canberra to train their physical strength, skills and tactics.

The biggest concern is whether the camp schedule can proceed properly.

It is essential to focus on taking care of one’s physical condition during the off-season to ensure that the team can perform training from the first day of the camp without difficulty. The problem is that such physical condition is checked and strategies are not developed while providing supplementary points. Even if Jin takes the center stage and collects opinions from the coaching staff as much as possible, it is difficult to make a definite decision at a time when the team has already begun process to appoint a new coach. Even if Kia attempts to appoint the new coach as soon as possible, it will be physically impossible to join the team’s initial schedule in the camp. In the end, each player has to put everything into his or her capacity during valuable time.

Fortunately, veteran players are holding out in each position. Choi Hyung-woo (41), Kim Sun-bin (35), and Na Sung-beom (35) are also holding out in the fielder’s group as well as Yang Hyun-jong (36), who is in the pitching group. Seo Kun-chang (35), who is starting anew at his hometown team KIA, will also accompany him in the camp in Australia.

Despite this, concerns are still lingering. The spring camp, which is taking place amid a vacuum in the coach’s coach for the first time, is unfamiliar not only to the coaches but also to the players. In particular, the situation in which the team is drawing attention from inside and outside as the team is caught up in unsavoury affairs can go beyond the burden and cause contraction.

At this point, the biggest challenge is to bring the team’s mind together and focus on preparing for the season. That’s why Na Sung-bum, wearing a new captain’s armband, has become important.

Na Sung-bum took over the baton from Kim Sun-bin, who served as the team’s captain until last season. He was well qualified. Na Sung-bum, who signed a six-year contract with Kia for a total of 15 billion won (approx. With a batting average of .32 (180 hits from 563 times at bat) and 21 homers and 97 RBIs in the 2022 season, which was the first year of his contract, he had a batting average of .365 (81 hits from 222 times at bat) with 18 homers and 57 RBIs in 58 games, and a 1.098 OPS (on-base plus slugging) performance, even though he started the season two months late due to an injury. During rehabilitation process after injury, he showed sincerity enough that younger players wanted to learn sports.

Na Sung-beom, who finished the season early due to a ruptured hamstring at the end of last season, began training earlier than usual ahead of this season. He not only blamed himself for failing to help his team advance to the round of five due to injury, but also expressed his willingness to complete this season in a healthy manner.

KIA is considered a team that can match last season’s champion LG Twins. However, there are quite a few question marks attached to it. It remains to be seen whether Park Chan-ho, who suffered a crushing fracture of his wrist at the end of this season, and Kim Do-young, who was on the operating table after suffering injury at the APBC, will be able to play as well as the first baseman position, who needs to find a sense of play. Socrates Brito entered the third year of the KBO League, which was not easily overcome by foreign hitters in the past, and it is difficult to guarantee whether Choi Hyung-woo, a veteran who overcame difficulties, will also play well. The pitching team also has a variety of tasks, including whether Jung Hae-young will recover his ball power and reorganize the must-win team. That’s why it is important whether Na Sung-bum, who is capable enough to lead the team when his health is guaranteed, will play well.

KIA’s team is heavier than ever before as they get on the plane heading to the camp site. Attention is focusing on how the “New Captain,” who is already in his third year as an FA, will unite the team in crisis.

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