“If it wasn’t there, I would have lost.” Coach Oh, he praised the starting center for one rebound

Incheon Shinhan Bank’s S-Bird won 69-64 against Busan BNK Sum in the regular league of Woori Bank’s Woori WON 2023-2024 women’s professional basketball league at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 29th.

Shinhan Bank has secured its first three consecutive wins of this season with the victory. Its gap with fourth-ranked Hana One Q has narrowed to 0.5 games.

The game was not an easy one. Shinhan that had a close game with BNK throughout the game displayed concentration at the end of the fourth quarter to secure its victory.꽁머니지급

Coach Gunathan said after the game, “All the games are not easy. I came all the way here with my desperate heart, and in the second half, it became a game that could burnish the hope of spring basketball.”

Coach Gu then praised center Kim Tae-yeon. He only garnered one rebound, but his contribution was high, which was not seen in the record.”

“There are many things that are visible on the record sheet, but there are some that are not visible,” coach Koo said. Kim Tae-yeon could only grab one rebound, but he lost if there was none. He competed inside and did it in the invisible part. Without it, it had to collapse. At the end, I had a cramp. It could have been too much as I used muscles that I didn’t use. The flow could have gone over, but Taeyeon came back and other players were able to rebound as he boxed out in defense,” he praised.

Shinhan Bank gave 23 offensive rebounds to its opponent, but in the end, it defended its victory with determination.

“Jinan and Kim Han-byul are incredible players. They have the potential to go to the championship game last year. Just because the winning rate is low, it cannot be considered a weak team. Once they come up, they come up scary. It was really scary for the two of them to grab the rebound,” he said.

BNK’s three-point success rate was only 15.0%. Shinhan Bank’s proper sagging defense worked.

“It’s a probability battle. There is a probability, but if there is a player who surpasses the probability, it is not easy to win. A defense requires preparation and a lower probability of an opponent’s attack. There were times when the opponent was sagging and times when the opponent was not attacking, and we prepared a plan for a cut-in. Nevertheless, BNK did a great job. However, I think our players did a good job because they defended hard,” he encouraged his players.

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