Resignation ‘Preview’ Winds… Arteta also mentioned the possibility of ‘early termination’ of contract with Arsenal, and ‘Goron’ as Barcelona’s head coach to replace Xavi

It has been revealed that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has expressed his desire to quit to his friends. He is mentioned as Barcelona’s successor to Xavi, who announced his resignation.

Xavi has expressed his intention to resign as Barcelona coach until this season. He is set to resign as coach of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. Barcelona also announced on its website that Xavi will only serve as Barcelona coach until June 30.마카오카지노

The reason is poor performance. Barcelona was sluggish in the league in the first half of the year and finished second in the Super Cup. Xavi finally made a decision. Xavi revealed the reason why he is resigning from the locker room, and some players reportedly showed tears.

At the same time, Arteta is also known to have expressed his desire to lead Arsenal until this season. British media Daily Express reported on the 29th (Korea time), “Arteta agrees to end his contract with Arsenal in 2025 and it will end early next year. Arsenal denies this, but Arteta has told his friends that he wants to quit.”

Arteta took the helm of Arsenal and displayed strong colors of soccer, and produced some results. Unfortunately, he failed to win the title last season due to lack of backbone, but he displayed his potential. He is ranked third in the league this season as well. That is how attractive a leader he is. Last summer of 2022, Barcelona attempted to appoint Arteta. Of course, he is one of Barcelona’s potential candidates.

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