Shocking coach Xavi is leaving Barcelona. “I don’t want to be a team problem anymore.”

It was a shocking announcement. Xavi Hernandez (44) announced his resignation during the season.

FC Barcelona said on its official channel on the 28th (Korea time), “Savi has told Barcelona President Juan Laporta, Vice Chairman Rafa Uest, and Decu Football Director that he will resign from his position as the head coach of the first team after the 2023-2024 season. I believe this is the best decision for the current team.”

At a press conference after the La Liga match against Villarreal on Friday, Xavi announced his resignation in person. “I had several days to spare. I thought hard about today’s announcement,” he said. “I don’t want to be a problem for the club anymore. I want to be a solution for Barcelona like I did two years ago. Now is the time to change the direction of the team.”

“I believe it can bring dynamism to the locker room, staff and the club. I will give everything for the rest of the season. I will do my best to win the La Liga title. I believe I can still do it,” Xavi said.

Barcelona has 44 points for 13 wins, five draws, and three losses in 21 matches, 10 points behind top-ranked Real Madrid (17 wins, three draws, one loss, and 54 points). Coming in second is Girona (16 wins, four draws, one loss, and 52 points) from 21 matches. “Even if Barcelona wins the title, my decision cannot be changed,” Xavi said.

The last match before the resignation announcement was shocking. Barcelona played against Villarreal in Spain’s La Liga on Friday at Camp Nou, its home ground. Barcelona lost two goals against Villarreal, falling behind 0-2. In the second half, Ilkay Gündogan and Pedri balanced the game, and Eric By’s own goal kept the game on the run.마카오카지노

The defense completely collapsed. Barcelona gave up three goals in a row from the 39th minute of the second half. It lost two goals in extra time of the second half alone. Barcelona failed to chase the lead, losing 3-5 to Villarreal. Goalkeeper Inaki Peña only made one save. All of his shots on goal led to a loss.

The appointment itself was a setback. As the first half was pushed back 0-1, Xavi left out Andreas Christensen, Hector Fort, and Oriole Romeu at the start of the second half. He replaced João Cancelo, Pau Kubarashi, and Pedri. As the offense hardly fizzled out, he replaced João Félix with Ferran Torres.

Still, his team’s balance was compromised. He was overwhelmed by the away team’s Villarreal. According to Football Mob, a statistics media outlet, Barcelona led the team 71-29 in ball occupancy ratio on the day, but lost the game due to inefficient operation of the game. Villarreal had 196 passes, about three times less than Barcelona’s (584). It crushed Barcelona with a pass in the right back space. Barcelona, which meaninglessly turned only the ball, was helpless against Villarreal’s attack.

Xavi also looked very angry during the match. According to Spanish media Marca, Xavi expressed his anger and frustration when Barcelona’s penalty kick was canceled during the last minute VAR in the second half. Xavi openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision.

It was also quite shocking in the U.K. The Guardian reported that Sabi is stepping down as Barcelona coach. He described his coach position as “cruel and unpleasant.” Now he feels liberated.

According to media reports, Xavi said, “Everyone often feels that they lack respect. There are times when your work is not valued. Your physical and mental health, your mood, and your emotions can all be terribly exhausting. I am a positive person. But recently, my strength keeps declining. It doesn’t make sense to continue as a coach.”

It wasn’t that long before he decided to resign. “This was a decision made not too long ago. Only those who are closest to me know. This is something that will have a big impact on my club. That’s why I decided to leave Barcelona,” Xavi said.

There is no possibility of extending his contract. “The players were very nervous,” Xavi said. “Even if Barcelona wins the UEFA Champions League in the 2023-2024 season, I will leave my team. Contracts will not change.”

It was a choice as a club legend. Xavi said, “Things had to change. I (a Barcelona fan) can’t allow this situation. I made the decision to resign a few days ago, and now it’s time to make it public. I don’t want to cause trouble to the club. I am always thinking about the players and the manager. It is best to leave on June 30. I will do my best for four months. I will still be able to finish the season in a great way.”

Xavi was regarded as one of the best central midfielders in the world when he was a player. Accurate and creative passes were the main weapons of Barcelona and the Spanish national team. He played with many legendary players including Lionel Messi, David Villa, Andreas Iniesta and Sergio Busquets, Gerard Pique and Dani Alves. Xavi has risen to the rank of legend by playing a key role in the club.

As a former goalie youth, he has achieved everything he has achieved. Xavi played in Barcelona until 2015 after playing in the main league team in 1997. He played a total of 767 games and won trophies. He won numerous championships including La Liga in Spain, Copa del Rey and the FIFA Club World Cup.

He also played an active part in the Spanish national team, which was once a golden generation. Xavi won the 2010 FIFA World Cup title and the 2008 and 2012 UEFA Euro titles. According to “Transfermarkt,” Xavi won a total of 34 individual awards and club trophies.

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