Protecting Korea’s Pride… ‘Wonder Goal’ Lee Kang-in selected the best 11 in Game 3, already for the second time

Despite South Korea’s shocking draw against Malaysia, Lee Kang-in’s performance was recognized.마카오카지노

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) selected Lee Kang-in as a midfielder in the best 11 of the third group match of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup announced on Wednesday. He is the only Korean player to have scored multiple goals, and this is his second win since the first match against Bahrain. In the first match, he and Hwang were listed in the best 11 along with Hwang In-beom.

Lee Kang-in started the third Group E match against Malaysia at Al-Zanub Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 25th and scored the equalizer with a left-footed free kick in the 83rd minute of the second half when he was being dragged 1-2. The free kick from a long distance was sucked into the net with a picturesque trajectory.

The first goal also started with Lee Kang-in’s toe. Jung Woo-young hit a corner kick from Lee Kang-in in the 22nd minute of the first half to score the first goal.

Lee Kang-in, who scored multiple goals in the match against Bahrain, added one goal and one assist in the match, accumulating three goals and one assist in offense at the event. He ranks first in the Korean team and tied for second after Aymen Hussein (five goals, Iraq).

Lee Kang-in received a lot of attention even before the tournament was held. AFC included Lee Kang-in on the 8th, when it selected “five young stars to shine at the 2024 Asian Cup in Qatar” before the opening of the tournament. AFC said, “Can Lee Kang-in become Park Ji-sung’s successor and give his country the long-awaited trophy?”

On April 26, the Asian Cup Organizing Committee’s post on social networking services (SNS) drew attention. The post contains photos of Lee Kang-in and Park Ji-sung wearing red uniforms side by side. “Will Lee Kang-in be able to be Park’s successor? And will Korea be able to win the long-awaited Asian Cup title (to its motherland)” he wrote in the post.

“Lee Kang-in has dispelled concerns that he will have a hard time competing for the starting lineup at the star-studded PSG,” AFC said. “He quickly became an important member of the team. He has established himself in the Luiz Enrique team, which is aiming to win both the European competition and the Ligue 1 championship.” “The 22-year-old is enjoying his impressive debut season playing alongside Kylian Mbappe and Usman Dembele. At the recent Toulouse and Super Cup, he scored the winning goal and grabbed the trophy (for the first time since his debut).”

“He showed great performance in the national competition. He garnered four goals and three assists in the past four A-matches. I left a deep impression on him,” he said. “Korea is aiming to win the Asian Cup title for the first time in 64 years since 1960. (Lee Kang-in’s performance in the A-matches earlier) is a good sign for coach Jurgen Klinsmann and the Taegeuk Warriors.”

Lee Kang-in has been playing well in the Paris Saint-Germain as well as the Korean national team. Early in the season, he focused on recovery due to muscle injury, but he displayed perfect physical condition starting in September. He accumulated attack points by breathing with Kylian Mbappe and scored a goal in the UEFA Champions League.

At the 2023 Trope de Champaign against Toulouse that was held ahead of the Asian Cup, Lee was named the official Man of the Match (MOM). Lee Kang-in scored the finishing goal just three minutes after the kick-off whistle to boost his team’s win. AFC also highlighted his performance at the French Super Cup, expecting him to display stellar performance at the Asian Cup.

Meanwhile, in the match against Malaysia, Lee Kang-in shone but it was a shocking game for Korea. Korea led the game with Jung Woo-young’s first goal in the 21st minute of the first half. However, he allowed a come-from-behind victory by allowing consecutive goals in the 51st and 62nd minutes of the second half. Lee Kang-in’s free kick goal in the 83rd minute of the second half brought the team back to second place.

In the extra time of the second half, Son Heung-min led again as he scored a penalty kick. South Korea made six points and beat Bahrain with a winner to become the No. 1 player. The round of 16 match between Korea and Japan is just around the corner.

However, it did not end there. Malaysia scored the equalizer nine minutes later. The game ended 3-3. Bahraini team topped Group E with six points, Korea team ranked second in Group E with five points, and Jordan team finished third in Group E with four points.

Korea, which advanced to the round of 16 as the second-ranked player in Group E, will play against Saudi Arabia, the No. 1 player in Group F. “It was a very tight match. Both teams scored a total of six points. Malaysia scored just before the match. However, there are some angry and frustrating aspects to the team. Two out of the three goals were a penalty kick from the opponent team and a foul from Hwang In-beom. Korea had a ball possession ratio of 80 to 15. Even if the team is ahead of the other two goals in the lead-up match, if the next goal does not come out, problems arise. We learned a lot from today’s match. We need to talk seriously with our players in counterattack defense. The group league is over. I will prepare well for the round of 16 and have a good game,” he said.

Foreign media also showed keen interest in the result of the match against Malaysia. A foreign correspondent asked Klinzmann, “I avoided a match between Korea and Japan. Was it a strategy?” and Zuang said, “Not at all. I didn’t intend to avoid Japan. Two out of three lost points is a disappointing part. We wanted to rank No. 1 in the group. The players showed good performance. They never gave up. I also want to compliment the Malaysian national team.”

“The conditions of the group league and tournament matches will definitely be different. However, there is no easy team in the Asian Cup. There were some positive aspects of today’s match. Unfortunately, the team lost two points, which changed the course, but there were many positive aspects. The encouraging part is the return of Hwang Hee-chan and Kim Jin-soo to injury. To win the championship, we have to beat all teams,” he said.

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