“I want to go to solo hell…” Yang Hong-seok’s smile that looked at Lee Kwan-hee’s popularity

The Changwon LG Sakers won 100-74 against the Seoul Samsung Thunder in the 2023-2024 regular basketball league at Changwon Gymnasium on the 26th.꽁머니지급

Yang Hong-seok contributed to the victory with 28 points, four rebounds, and two assists, including three points and four points.

Yang Hong-seok said, “I feel so good that the team was able to win in a difficult situation. I have to go away, but I think I prepared well before that.”

Yang Hong-seok is particularly strong when he meets Samsung. He scored 28 points on the day following 26 points in the third round.

“Lee Won-seok or (Kofi) Coburn are usually standing in the post, and I think they are good at attacking mismatches. Also, the manager pointed out that Samsung has a high rate of allowing fastballs, which helped me a lot when I was playing. I think I had a good sense of shooting. No matter which team I face, if I pay more attention to defense and fastballs, I think I have a chance to win,” he said about his secret of performance.

Yang Hong-seok showed an outstanding performance, but the fact that Asem Maray cannot play due to injury has a big impact on the entire team.

“Honestly, I think (Asem) Maray is more than half of our team. Maray has a large stake, but we are all paid professional players, so we should not play loosely or have a sense of defeat. We have more difficult games to play in the future, but I think we can do well until Maray returns. If we have good performance when Maray is not available, there will be more synergy when we return,” Yang said, expressing strong responsibility.

On the other hand, it was the first game that Lee Kwan-hee played at LG home after the show of “Solo Hell.” Was that why? Many people cheered loudly when Lee Kwan-hee played.

When asked if he feels Lee Kwan-hee’s popularity these days, Yang Hong-seok, who watched the whole process from the side, was asked, “When I go outside, everyone around me is talking. That’s how much I think he’s the biggest superstar in the KBL. Many people ask for photos or autographs, but I think it’s fun to see him from the side.”

Lee Kwan-hee’s SNS followers have increased significantly through solo hell broadcasts, and her recognition has also increased very much.

When asked Yang Hong-seok if he would like to appear on the show like Lee Kwan-hee, he replied positively, “I want to go out, but the military comes first.” (Laughs) The writer of Solo Hell also asked (Lee) Kwan-hee if there was anyone around him to recommend, but he said, “I should go to the military first.”

He then left the interview room, saying, “But I don’t think I’ll be as good as Gwan-hee.”

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