Even though he studied abroad, did “Lee Dae-ho’s successor” suddenly choose to support business

The Lotte club shared its support status for the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit (hereinafter referred to as Sangmu) baseball team on the 26th. Infielder Han Dong-hee and pitchers Lee Tae-yeon (20) applied to the Sangmu baseball team.월카지노도메인

Han Dong-hee, who graduated from Gyeongnam High School and joined Lotte with the first nomination in 2018, was expected to be the “second Lee Dae-ho” in the evaluation that he had extraordinary power and batting talent.

Having played in 87 games since his first year, he finished the season with a .222 home run and four homers. Having shown poor performance with .233 and two homers in 59 games the following year, he gradually began to unleash his potential in 2020, the third year of his career.

He appeared in 135 games in 2020 and recorded a batting average of 278 with 17 home runs and a slugging percentage of 0.436, and seemed to continue the line of Lotte’s big guns by drawing 17 arches in 2021.

He has raised his sophistication with a batting average of 377 and 14 home runs in 129 games in 2022.

Lee Dae-ho also left a message at his retirement ceremony, asking him to be a hero of Lotte’s fans, in the appearance of a “high school junior” who gradually blossomed his skills.

Was it too much pressure? He suffered a terrible slump last year. With 108 games, he only posted a batting average of 0.223 percent and only had five home runs. He moved to the second division in the middle of the season and reorganized himself, but finished the season without rebounding.

Lee Dae-ho once again stepped up to serve his younger teammates. He accompanied Kang Jung-ho at a batting class in the U.S. Lee Dae-ho, Han Dong-hee and Jung Hoon (Lotte) joined the team.

Han Dong-hee had a busy season to rebound in 2025, but for now, Han Dong-hee started solving military problems.

“Coach Kim Tae-hyung and Han Dong-hee themselves had discussions about joining the military from the closing camp. They can play in the first division until June. Han Dong-hee himself considered when to join the military. He was discharged from the military in the winter of 2025 and can normally participate from the spring camp in 2026,” the Lotte club said. “As we have to solve military problems, we are aiming for this enlistment, which allows us to prepare for the 2026 season neatly.

Lotte planned to enlist Han Dong-hee and at the same time recruited Kim Min-sung through sign-and-trade to reinforce the infield.

Lotte announced on the 26th, “We conducted a trade between LG Twins veteran infielder Kim Min-sung and infielder Kim Min-soo.”

Kim became an FA after the end of last season. LG signed a contract with FA Kim Min-sung for up to three years (two plus one year) and a total of 900 million won (a down payment of 200 million won, an annual salary of 500 million won, and an option of 200 million won), before proceeding with the trade. “I expected Kim Min-sung, who has a strong sense of responsibility as a professional player and can play all of the infield positions, to serve as a model for young players,” Lotte said.

Along with Han Dong-hee, two rookie pitchers have also decided to join the military. Pitcher Lee Jin-ha joined the second round (13th overall) of the 2023 Rookie Draft and posted an ERA of 3.38 in nine games. In the Futures League, he played 13 games and posted an ERA of 4.50 with one win and three holds. Lee Tae-yeon, a sixth-round pick in 2023, posted an ERA of 15.88 in five ⅔ innings in 15 games.

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