‘Six-sense level reversal’ in five months… Exited from EPL due to accident → Barely escaped to Lariga → ‘Rang Jung-chu’ skill → Reading the countdown to transfer to Spain’s most prestigious team

Five months later, a reversal occurred. The player who dramatically saved his team just minutes before the summer transfer window closed, soon saw the countdown of FC Barcelona, the most prestigious team in Spain’s La Liga. It is a six-sense twist.

Mason Greenwood, who was kicked out of Manchester United in the English Premier League, is the main character of the reversal.

The Sun of the U.K. published an article on Greenwood’s entry into Barcelona on Monday. It was a “dream transfer,” which surprised me.

Greenwood was put on trial in January 2022 for assaulting his girlfriend. A year later, the indictment was withdrawn and it became impossible. At that time, he was Manchester United. He was praised as the future of Manchester United, but he almost became a criminal overnight. After the indictment was withdrawn, he tried to return to Manchester United immediately, but the team, female players, and public opinion did not allow it.마카오카지노

In particular, Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag actively pursued Greenwood’s return. Despite public criticism, he tried to re-wear Manchester United this season, but eventually gave in to the public opinion. It was on August 21 last year. Manchester United and Greenwood agreed to leave the team.

Exiting from Manchester United meant leaving the EPL. Greenwood’s team contacted several teams but failed to reach an agreement, as the deadline for transferring to Manchester United was about 10 days away. It was Getafe in La Liga that gave up dramatically when the team almost reached a “mia” trend. AS Roma, Turkiye, Albania and Saudi Arabia also waved their hands at him, but failed to reach an agreement.

His move to Getafe was also dramatic. He signed the contract a few minutes before the transfer window closed. If he had not signed the contract, he would have been invincible until the winter transfer window.

About 15 days later, he wore Getafe and began to show off his “future of Manchester United.” He played in 16 games this season and recorded three goals and four assists. As he slowly regained his old skills, many teams began to take notice of Greenwood. One of them was Barcelona.

According to an article in The Sun, Barcelona has been monitoring Greenwood all season. And it has come to a conclusion. They want to sign a contract soon to completely move to Barcelona at the end of this season. What a dramatic turnaround in five months.

Upon hearing this news, Greenwood is said to be so happy that he said, “Moving to Barcelona is a dream transfer.”

According to The Sun’s report, “Barcelona wants to sign with Greenwood and he also wants the Warsaw Pact. The next step is for clubs to agree,” adding, “Manchester United wants to sell players. Manager Ten Haq also understood. All parties agreed.”

“Greenwood continues to aim to play ㅔ for England again someday. Time will solve this problem, but now Greenwood is more focused on making his name known in La Liga. He played well for Getafe, which is why Barcelona wants him,” he explained.
Article courtesy of My Daily

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