Professional Baseball Wired and Wired Broadcasting Will Be Payed… Fans’ Curiousness Grows

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) officially announced on the 8th that it has selected CJ ENM as the preferred bidder for the “2024-2026 KBO League Wired and Wired Broadcasting Rights Project.” CJ ENM has presented a blueprint to conduct a professional baseball wired and wireless broadcasting rights project through its OTT (Over The Top) platform, “Tving.” However, the industry’s curiosity is growing as the final negotiations have not yet been concluded. In the end, it is pointed out that the issue of full payment is an obstacle.헤라카지노주소

CJ ENM’s bid for wired and wireless broadcasting rights for professional baseball, or TVing, is drawing keen attention from fans and the industry as it coincides with “paying for watching professional baseball.” It is true that the consciousness of “paying to watch professional baseball” has been thin until now. Things have changed 180 degrees now. OTT is basically a paid platform. As TVing won the right to negotiate first, what it did came to reality right away.

Right now, fans are strongly opposed to and worried about the fee. The prevailing opinion is that the full fee payment is burdensome not only for general fans but also for baseball communities where enthusiasts are relatively gathered. Even if it comes one day, it is more resistant than expected because the topography of the city hall will be completely reversed in a year.

The industry’s curiosity is growing as the final announcement has yet to be made. CJ ENM is currently holding final negotiations with KBO as the preferred bidder. Since the announcement was made on Tuesday, more than 15 days have passed. However, there is no sign that a deal is imminent. Of course, it takes time to coordinate various opinions during the negotiation process, but analysts say that the calculation method is complicated for both sides in the controversy over the fee.

Negotiations are being held collectively at KBO’s marketing subsidiary, KBOP. KBOP reiterates its policy that even the ‘owners of content’ have nothing to share. A team A’s marketing official said, “On the 22nd, there was also a board meeting where KBOP officials and club officials met. There was no specific story about the wired and wireless business contract here. It is said that it is difficult to say for sure how much the clubs’ income increases.”

A KBO official also explained, “Since it is changing from (free viewer) portals and telecommunications companies to paid OTT platforms over the past five years, there are many stories that come and go.” This means that the price has already been set, but there is still something to be discussed in terms of technology and strategy. Portal sites already have technology, but TVing needs to be created. The majority say that technology is still not comparable to existing portals. However, an industry official predicted, “If we continue to supplement and discuss the technical part, it will be a problem to be solved, and in the end, how to solve the problem of paying will be an issue.”

It is expected that the program will be fully paid from the 2024 season. TVing reportedly spent an average of 46 billion won per year on the wired and wireless broadcasting rights project. Compared with other bidders who spent between the late 20 billion won and 30 billion won per year, there was a wide gap. This is why it is natural to analyze that “TVing has jumped into the bidding war with its own life and death.” The problem is that unconditional full payment is premised on the amount of TVing’s investment.

A team’s marketing official said, “We checked the amount at the time of the presentation, and the judges were also surprised by the bid.” Some club members said that TVing overshooted the player. “No matter how effective it is to attract new subscribers and lock in, we can never make up for the annual investment of 46 billion won unless it is paid in full,” an industry source said. “If you show us a part for free, it will be ruined. If TVing is not going to do charity work, it is assumed to be paid in full.”

TVing, which is the main body of the negotiation, does not give a definite answer, adding to the confusion. It is known that even at the time of the bidding presentation, the judges’ question, “What should we do about the payoff issue?” was avoided with a vague answer. TVing argues that professional baseball does not have universal viewing rights and corresponding matters, and that it can be viewed on TV even if it is not its own platform, and that it will actively open its sources on YouTube. On top of that, quite a few people can subscribe to TVing for free with products linked to cable and telecommunications companies, which is why they are avoiding arrows. The industry interprets that it is creating a logic for full payoff.

“The consortium led by Naver has guaranteed the existing viewing method as it is. Even though the consortium has its own OTT (SPOTV NOW), it promised not to change the viewing landscape by reselling the broadcasting rights to other portals,” an industry source said. “However, TVing is different. There is no possibility that the consortium will resell the tickets to a website where users can view them for free. They are asked to pay to come to watch the live broadcasting after they get interested in watching it on YouTube.” Even Naver, which has lost the right to broadcast professional baseball, is reportedly giving up the possibility of reselling the tickets and focusing on producing a new section without video clips.

The official said, “If Tibing takes the business right, it will go through the process of full payment at any point within three years of the contract period. If it is a blow to public opinion that will be hit someday anyway, it is better to hit it quickly and maximize profits.” This is the industry’s general view,” adding, “It is unlikely that Tibing will give up everything and offer priority negotiation rights.”

Clubs welcome the opening of the source but worry that negotiations should not be stretched too much.

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