Second since Sun Dong-yeol. It’s over 100S and the birth of the Tigers history ‘real’ finish

There are many outstanding stars in the KIA Tigers. There were many sluggers and starting pitchers who led the Tigers to the championship.헤라카지노

However, I can’t think of a closer. Sun Dong-yeol, dubbed the “sun of Nagoya” in Japan after transforming from a starter into a closer, but since then, there has been no closer representing the Tigers. Lim Chang-yong was there, but he left after being traded to Samsung.

Now, the finishing touch that represents the Tigers will be born. Jung Hae-young (23) will join the Tigers for the second time after Sun Dong-yeol to surpass 100 saves overall.

After graduating from Gwangju Jeil High School, Jung joined Kia as the first candidate in 2020. Having played a role in protecting victory by taking the mound at risk in the second half of a game rather than starting in high school, Jung usually pitched in 47 games as an intermediate pitcher, recording five wins and four losses, one save, 11 holds, and an ERA of 3.29. He finished the game in his second year in 2021. He instantly surpassed 30 saves by posting five wins, four losses and 34 saves. In 2022, he garnered three wins, seven losses and 32 saves, surpassing 30 saves for the second consecutive year. Due to poor performance in the early stages, he had three wins, four losses, 23 saves and one hold, failing to make 30 saves for the third consecutive year last year. He has posted a total of 16 wins, 19 losses, 90 saves, and 12 holds over the past four years.

Lim Chang-yong topped the list of saves in the history of the Tigers with 258 saves. However, Lim has made only 86 saves in total while wearing the Tigers’ uniform.

The first game of the 2018 KBO League postseason wild card between KIA and Nexen was held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 16th. KIA Lim Chang-yong, who took the mound in the bottom of the fifth inning, is throwing the ball vigorously.

Cho Jung-jung made 153 saves, but made 152 saves in Ssangbangwool, Hyundai and SK, and at the end, he came to KIA and only made one save and left.

Sun Dong-yeol ranks third with 132 saves. He ranks first in saves in the Tigers uniform.

Yoon Seok-min, who achieved the Triple Crown and was also named MVP and was memorable for fans as a starting pitcher, also recorded 86 saves. Yoon Seok-min, who had three wins, four losses and seven saves in 2005, his first year of joining the club, and who had five wins, six losses, 19 saves and nine holds in 2006, made 30 saves in 2015 when he returned from the U.S.

Han Ki-joo, the “unfortunate pitcher” who received a down payment of 1 billion won in 2006, still ranked first in the rookie down payment, also made 71 saves in total.

Sun Dong-yeol is the only one who has made a total of 100 saves in a Tigers uniform so far. If Jung Hae-young adds 10 saves this season, it will be the second time to surpass 100 saves.

He finished the game from the beginning, and he is now only in his fourth year of high school graduation, and he is highly likely to continue writing the closing history of the Tigers, beyond Sun Dong-yeol, next year if the current trend continues. Notably, Kia is highly appraised as it ranks among the top three teams this season. Naturally, Chung will have many opportunities to add new saves. Chung may also seek to finish the game with “Hengarae” as well as the king of saves for the first time.

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