“Lol model Huh Hoon → Yang Dong-geun” Hyungwoo said, “I want to do well in both.”

“I want to have a tough color, who is good at both offense and defense like Yang Dong-geun.”

Chung-Ang University met Hyung-woo (186cm, G) in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 23rd, a day before completing its off-season training in Korea.

“I don’t think winter training is easy. I don’t have time to rest,” said Hyung-woo, who completed his second winter training at college. “I had less time to rest, but what’s better than last year is that the scope of players has expanded. This part is better.”

It was centered on practice games, but if the number of people available increased, it means that the playing time was not long. It can be inferred that it is a less physically difficult schedule.

“I can think of it that way, but it was equally difficult. I am slightly better in physical strength than last year,” Hyung-woo said. “I used to train four times a day in the swimming pool. It’s hard because that accumulates.”

Chung-Ang University will go on an eight-day training camp in Japan on the 29th.

“I practiced hand-to-hand here. When I go to Japan, I want to finish in a complete form and find the color of our team. I am pursuing fastballs following good defense,” Hyung-woo said. “I am still trying to match them. They are coming out one or two each, so it will work out well.”마카오카지노

In his senior year in high school, he averaged 13.2 points, 9.6 rebounds, 9.2 assists, and 3.7 steals in 24 major competitions. He stood out by making triple-doubles eight times. However, he was sluggish in 12 games last year with 2.6 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 3.7 assists, playing 19 minutes and 27 seconds on average.

“I had a hard time. In high school, he let me play what I wanted to play, but here I have to play what I have to play rather than what I want to play. It was hard to find the color of Hyung-woo,” he said. “What I want to show you is that I want to have a tough color that is good at both offense and defense like Yang Dong-geun.”

“Heo Hoon is also good at attacking and defending, but Yang Dong-geun had a strong desire,” said Hyung-woo, whose role model was Heo Hoon last year. “He was awesome when he was full of energy and encouraged his teammates as a leader. My role model changes from time to time. That’s how many players I want to resemble.”

Hyung-woo, who used No. 43 last year, changed to No. 6 this year.

When asked why he changed his jersey number, Hyung-woo said, “I think I didn’t do it in high school, so I want to take that feeling as it is. I also wanted to do triple-doubles a lot at college.”

Among his versatility, Hyung-woo’s weakness was his three-point shooting. The success rate of three-point shooting in the entire college basketball league, the MBC Cup national college basketball championship, and the National Sports Festival last year was 16.1 percent (5/31). It was 20 percent (3/15) in the regular season of the college basketball league, but slightly decreased to 18.2 percent (2/11) in the MBC Cup, and none of the five were successful in the playoff and national sports games of the college basketball league. The problem is that the success rate of three-point shooting is in a downward spiral.

“I have to supplement it. I do shooting training consistently whenever I have time,” Hyung-woo said. “I used to change my shooting form by myself. I know that it was toxic, so I am trying to find balance with my shooting form.”

Hyung-woo is a player who has more rebounds and assists than he scored as of last year. He was covered by a three-point shot, but his two-point shot (30% in the college basketball league, 6/20) is also not good. It has been a year when the accuracy of field pitching is low.

“I didn’t have many attack attempts. If I throw 10 pitches and score four in a game, it will be 40 percent. However, if I throw one or two pitches and fail to score any, it will be 0 percent,” he said. “It is also important to practice the number of attacks and see how many times I attack.”

Eight talented freshmen joined in.

“Many good juniors came in. The freshmen are good, and it is important to get along with them as soon as possible,” said Hyung-woo. “While some players are looking for their own colors, others are struggling. It is important for these players to find their own colors and blend into Chung-Ang University. You should be helpful to the team while doing what you are good at.”

Among the freshmen, there is Jin Hyun-min, who is a year junior at Jeon High School.

Hyung-woo said, “Jin Hyun-min is a player with excellent attack power. He has a lot of fighting and his mid-range shot is accurate. The timing of the mid-range shot is good. If you dare to say, the mid-range shot is the top class,” he praised his junior.

“I hope that Chung-Ang University and I achieve our goal without getting injured,” Hyung-woo said. “I personally want to find my own color and increase the success rate of 3-point shooting. As a team, it is a victory.”

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