Park Chan-ho’s fellow Beltre-Minnesota Mauer Hall of Fame first turn when he was in LA

Adrian Beltre and Joe Mauer were inducted right into the Hall of Fame in their first year.헤라카지노주소

The results of the Baseball Hall of Fame voting were officially announced on the 23rd (24th in Korean time) local time in the U.S. Adrian Beltre succeeded in entering the race with 95.1 percent of the vote, and Joe Mauer also succeeded in entering the first turn with 76.1 percent of the vote. Todd Helton was the only one among the retakers who succeeded in entering the race with 79.7 percent of the vote in his sixth attempt.

It is evaluated that all three players showed outstanding performances during their active career and dominated an era, making them fully qualified for the induction.

The three will participate in this season’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Jim Leyland, who was selected through a veteran committee.

Beltre, who also proved to be best friends with Park Chan-ho when making his debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers, marked 2,767 hits (batting 0.285), 413 home runs and 1,467 RBIs while playing for the Texas Rangers through Seattle-Boston.

Todd Helton, dubbed the “Mountain Man,” is a franchise star who spent all 17 seasons of his career with the Colorado Rockies. However, because Denver where Colorado’s home stadium is located is located is a highland area, slugging capability is significantly underrated compared to other indicators. This is why he became the Hall of Fame after his sixth attempt. He posted 2,519 hits (batting average of 0.316), 369 homers and 1,406 RBIs in his career.

Due to the peculiarity of catcher’s position, Joe Mauer, who succeeded senior players such as Roy Campanella, entered the Hall of Fame even with a relatively short career of 15 seasons. As a catcher, he had 2,123 hits (batting average of 0.306), 143 homers, and 923 RBIs, his career hits ranked 10th in Major League history and 7th in overall batting average.

On the other hand, Billy Wagner and Gary Sheffield, who were likely to enter until the middle results were revealed, failed to make the Hall of Fame, and are next in line. Wagner is seeking his 10th and final chance next year, and Sheffield has to wait for a choice from a veteran committee.

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