Coach Moriyasu, who looked forward to the match between Korea and Japan, said, “The game will be played at the highest level.”

Japanese national soccer team coach Hajime Moriyasu expected to face South Korea.

Japan beat Indonesia 3-1 in the third and final Group D match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Asumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 24th.

With two wins and one loss (six points), Japan finished second in Group D after Iraq, which won all three games (nine points).

Japan will face No. 1 in Group E, which includes South Korea, in the round of 16.월카지노

As Group E is in a state of confusion, there is a possibility that Jordan, which is currently ranked first, South Korea, which is ranked second, and Bahrain, which is ranked third, will be Japan’s opponents in the round of 16.

The final Group E match will be held on the 25th.

Meanwhile, Moriyasu looked forward to a showdown with the Indonesians, wary of South Korea along with Iran after the match. Japan, Iran and Korea are considered the favorites to win this year’s event.

Coach Moriyasu said, “All the teams that participated in this tournament have a high level, but Iran and South Korea are the best teams among them.”

“The styles of the two teams are different, and the styles of the two teams are also different from Japan,” he said, adding, “I respect both the Korean and Iranian national teams.”

the national team of Japanese coaches

“In order for Japan to compete with South Korea and Iran, it has to work at a very high level,” he said, adding, “If Japan plays against them, it will play the highest level of soccer in Asia in front of its fans.”

One of Japan’s weaknesses in this tournament is defense anxiety.

He gave up two goals each to Vietnam and Iraq in the group stage, and allowed one goal at the last minute against Indonesia.

Japanese soccer fans are concerned about the different appearance from the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which showed solid defensive organization.

“I think all four players in the defensive line did a good job today,” Moriyasu said. “I’m learning from the mistakes against Iraq.”

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