Cancelled a day before the match?…No-show Ronaldo publicly apologized to China


Ronaldo, who is remembered as a “no-show” to us, that was five years ago, and it happened again in China. One day before the friendly match, the one-sided cancellation, if anything has changed from the past, is that he apologized this time.랭크카지노도메인

I’m reporter Jeong Su-ah.


People flocked to the hotel where Ronaldo was staying, causing chaos.

[Doesn’t our time mean anything? It’s 5,000km! It’s nothing to come this far?]

Al Nasr, who belongs to Ronaldo, decided to play a friendly match in China, but he suddenly canceled it a day ago and angry fans gathered.

Al-Nasr only explained on social media that the game was postponed for uncontrollable reasons.

Rather, the dubious explanation drew more anger.

In the end, Ronaldo stepped up in front of Chinese fans.

[Ronaldo/Al Nasr: Today is a sad day for me because I want to say sorry to the Chinese fans, especially the fans who came to Shenzhen]

Ronaldo is known to have injured his muscles behind his thighs recently.

There were not many injuries during his 22-year career, but he said he was sad that he couldn’t play and said he hoped for an understanding.

[Ronaldo/Al Nasr: I feel like this is my second home. We want to come back to China]

One-sided cancellation of the game, but Ronaldo apologized this time.

When I visited Korea as a member of Juventus five years ago, I only played on the bench for a minute, and I left without saying anything.

Al-Nasr said he would consult with the organizers to schedule the game as soon as possible, but the anger of Chinese fans has not faded easily.

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