Yu Hyun-joon and Kim Joo-sung, who joined the team’s training, said when they returned

] Coach Kim Joo-sung revealed the timing of the return of Yoo Hyun-joon (27, 178cm), who joined the team’s training.마카오토토주소

In early January this year, Wonju DB’s Yoo Hyun-joon expressed his intention to retire to the team. It was so sudden that both the coaching staff and the club dissuaded him. Coach Han Sang-min had a conversation with Yoo Hyun-joon through a drinking party on the 14th when the All-Star Game was held, and coach Kim Joo-sung joined the team and succeeded in changing his mind. On the 15th, Yoo immediately joined the team and is currently training with members of the D League.

The key is his physical condition. After being discharged from the military service from Sangmu on Nov. 15 last year, Yoo immediately played in the match against Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan on Nov. 16, but only played 1 minute and 14 seconds due to his hamstring injury. Having focused on rehabilitation, he briefly played in matches against KCC in Busan on Dec. 15 and KT in Suwon on Dec. 17. However, his hamstring injury recurred again. Fortunately, he is said to be in good condition to the point where he does not interfere with his training.

DB manager Kim Joo-sung said on Sunday, “The injured part has healed to some extent before he announced his intention to retire. I’ve joined the team and been doing weight training and running sports. I saw him run, but I don’t think there’s a problem.”

Currently, DB needs backup point guards to back up Lee Sun-bano. Veteran Park Chan-hee and Kim Hyun-ho are suffering from minor injuries along with their aging population, while rookie Park Seung-jae still needs more time. Doo Kyung-min is also missing from his team. To prepare for Albano’s physical stamina, he should also have backup resources.

Therefore, Yoo Hyun-joon is an attractive card. He has strengths in stable game management and play to keep teammates alive. This is also the reason why coach Kim Joo-sung discouraged Yoo from retiring. After giving him more time to build up his body, he will likely play in the game immediately.

“I am currently training with second-tier players. The sooner I return, the better. For now, I am setting the time to return to the fifth round,” coach Kim Ju-seong said, revealing the timing of Yoo Hyun-joon’s deployment.

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