Japan, the ‘winner candidate’ who lost to Iraq, and the Japanese media analyzed that the round of 16 in the third place in the group is better

Japanese soccer, which failed to win the group league, is also in a dilemma over self-esteem and easy schedule. With the possibility of winning the group title declining, Japanese media reported that if Japan advances to the round of 16 as랭크카지노 the third-ranked team in the group, it will avoid a tight race.

Japanese media Getsaka reported on the 24th, “If Japan wins more than a draw in the final group match against Indonesia, the round of 16 will be confirmed. It is not very likely, but if it reaches the round of 16 as the third place in the group, the burden will be lower than when it was the second place in the group.”

The round of 16 teams in this year’s event will have four teams ranking first and second in their respective groups and the third in their respective groups. Japan lost 1-2 in its second group match against Iraq, reducing its chances of leading the group. As it moved up to second in its group, Japan’s plan went awry. It is more likely that Japan will meet strong players in the upcoming event, including Korea, Iran, and Qatar.

On top of that, Japanese media outlets reported that the schedule was tight when the team ranked second in the group. If the team ranks second, it will be held on Feb. 31, the quarterfinals on Feb. 3, the semifinals on Feb. 7, and the final on Feb. 10. If the team advances to the third place in the group, it will be held on Feb. 28 or 29, the quarterfinals on Feb. 2, the semifinals on Feb. 6, and the final on Feb. 10. When it ranks third in the group, it has two to three more days to spare in its schedule. “As the Japanese team focuses only on recovery for two days after the match to avoid injury to its players, it should play against an opponent who can hardly practice its tactics,” the media said.

Japan’s pride has already been hurt just by failing to win the group’s top spot, but now it is facing realistic concerns ahead of the tournament. “Getsaka” predicted a thorny path to the challenge of winning the tournament, saying, “If you pass second place in the group according to the unbalanced tournament schedule by the AFC, a difficult battle awaits.”

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