Yongin City Recruited Sports Talents

Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, recruited a large number of excellent athletes to the workplace athletic department, further enhancing its competitiveness.

The city has completed the formation of a workplace athletic department with 67 coaches and athletes in seven sports, including recruiting 10 new athletes and renewing contracts with eight players whose contracts have expired. It also includes Woo Sang-hyuk, the world’s top skater in the men’s high jump.

There are 10 new players, including ▲ Park Min-seo (Bowling) ▲ Choi Jin-woo (Athletics) ▲ Kim Han-soo and Park Hee-won (Yudo) ▲ Lee Sang-min, Lee Hak-beom, Cameron Martin Laurie (Jojung) ▲ Kim Kwan-soo (Kendo) ▲ Park In-ho and Cha Ye-eun (Tae Kwon Do).

Track and field Choi Jin-woo is expected to be a big prospect who will succeed Woo Sang-hyuk at the top of the men’s high jump world.

In the men’s high jump final of the 104th Jeonnam National Sports Festival held in October last year, he won the gold medal over 2m 10 and also ranked first in the 2023 Hong Kong INTER-CITY Athletics Championships. Earlier in 2022, he won the title over 2m 21 at the Under-18 Asian Championships, and in the Hangzhou Asian Games, he reached the final, ranking 10th.

Having started his career as a member of Yongin City Hall upon graduation from Ulsan Sports Science High School, he was selected as a member of the national team and participated in the off-season training with Woo on the 19th. Choi Jin-woo’s contract period is two years until December 2025.마카오토토주소

A rookie with unique experiences has also been recruited to the rowing team. Born to a Korean mother and an English father, Cameron Martin Laurie, who played as a rower in the U.K., will renew his dream to play for the Korean rowing team at Yongin City Hall.

Rory, who already ranked first in the head and rigata eight (8 seats) in the “2023 All-British College Championship” last year, will further enhance the competitiveness of the Yongin City Hall rowing team along with Lee Sang-min and Lee Hak-beom, who joined together.

Kim Kwan-soo of the kendo team has been selected for this year’s national team. Cha Ye-eun of the Taekwondo team ranked first in pumsae at the Hangzhou Asian Games, while Park In-ho ranked second in the 87kg or less at last year’s final competition for the Korean national team.

Bowling’s Park Min-seo has a history of being selected as a youth country in 2023, and Kim Han-soo and Park Hee-won of the judo team ranked first in the under 90kg of the 14th Cheongpunggi National Judo Tournament and the under 73kg of the 41st World Military Judo Championship 2023.

Along with recruiting new players, the city renewed its contracts with six players in bowling, judo and kendo, whose contracts expired.

Two players of the ssireum team who have changed their affiliation to the city’s workplace sports department have also renewed their contracts. The ssireum team, which has been converted from a member of the Yongin City Sports Council to the Yongin City Hall’s workplace sports department, is expected to further enhance its competitiveness through unified management and efficient management.

A city official said, “We expect to enhance the city’s status by reinforcing excellent athletes in the Yongin Special City Hall’s workplace sports department and achieving good results at various competitions this year,” adding, “We hope that citizens will pay attention and cheer for the athletes’ efforts and passion.”

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