It also overturned controversy over “devil’s talent” and “misjudgment.” Advocating “the opponent’s fault” → selecting the best 11

He is a devil’s talent. British fans are praising Ivan Toney (28), who scored a goal in his return match.

Gas Crooks of the U.K.’s “BBC” unveiled the best 11 of the week on the 23rd (Korea time). Tony, who scored a goal against Nottingham Forest on the 21st, took one of the three top spots.월카지노주소

It was the first official match in eight months. According to the BBC, Tony was disciplined by the English Football Association for illegal betting. In the match against Nottingham, his first match since the match against Liverpool in May last year, Tony scored a goal for Brentford with a free kick in the 19th minute of the first half. Crooks praised the game by saying, “It was like a dream come back. Tony’s great free kick was the highlight of the game. I can’t believe he missed the game for eight months.”

However, the score became controversial. Tony moved the ball back to a good position before kicking the free kick. The situation happened while the referee was not looking. He also changed the location of the vanishing spray that was sprayed by the referee. “This is the first time in my soccer career. Didn’t the VAR office see Tony moving the ball? It is a clear violation of regulations,” Nunu Espiritu Santo said after the match against Brentford.

Crooks defended Tony’s behavior. Rather, he thought that the players who stood on the wall of Nottingham’s free-kick were too focused. Crooks claimed, “If Nottingham players were unhappy about Tony’s free-kick, they had to speak directly from that situation. Or they could have moved the wall of the free-kick. They just weren’t interested in Tony’s behavior.”

He even pointed out Nottingham players’ concentration on the match. He thought Tony’s actions were justified. “Nottingham paid the price for missing that moment,” Crooks said. “Tony is an excellent scorer. Not only does he receive a pass, but he also takes advantage of the situation in the game. Tony played a perfect match in his return match. He also looked good with the captain’s armband.”

For now, Nottingham officially protested the decision. According to BBC, Nunu sent a letter to Game Match Official Limited (PGMOL), the referee’s agency. He asked Howard Webb, the chair of the referee’s committee, to explain the decision on Tony’s free kick.

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