Shin Min-joon of KB Baduk League won 2 games a day; Shin Jin-seo ranks first in most wins

Shin Min-joon 9 dan won two games a day, and his team Ulsan Korea Aeon also gave a green light to leap to the mid-range.

Korea Zinc’s Shin Min-joon won the 2023-2024 KB Kookmin Bank Go League 4th round match at the Korea Baduk TV Studio in Seoul on the 21st, and then went back to the ace match to beat Kang Dong-yoon 9th and lead the team to victory.마카오카지노

Korea Zinc has won two games of the season and joined the mid-range competition in earnest.

Korea Zinc led 2-0 after Lee Chang-seok, 9 dan, defeated Park Min-gyu, 8 dan, and Shin Min-jun, 4 dan, made a come-from-behind turn against Choi Jae-young. Korea Price Information also tied the game 2-2 with Kang Dong-yoon and Han Seung-ju, 9 dan, 1st and 2nd nominees, winning in the 3rd and 4th countries. However, the result was decided in the ace match that followed.

Shin Min-joon won a hundred dollars to Kang Dong-yoon in 194 moves in the ace match between the captains of the two teams.

“It was not easy to force two rounds a day,” Shin said in an interview after the match. “As soon as Kang Dong-yoon, my opponent, finished the previous match, he started the ace match. That’s why I think I got a good result.”

As of the end of the fourth round, Wonik (coach Lee Hee-sung) is leading with four wins (11 points), while beautiful Hapcheon (coach Ko Geun-tae, 9 points) and Korea Price Information (coach Park Sang-sang, 8 points) are competing for the second and third places. Defending champion Kicks (coach Kim Young-hwan, 6 points) is ranking fourth, the last place to advance to the postseason. The heart of Mahan is Yeongam (coach Han Hae-won), Ulsan Korea Zinc (coach Park Seung-hwa), Jeong Gwan-cheon-nok (coach Choi Myung-hoon), and Badukmecca Uijeongbu (coach Kim Young-sam).

In the individual multiple wins category, Shin Jin-seo, who won three consecutive ace matches, is ranked first in all seven games, followed by Han Seung-joo (4 wins), Park Jung-hwan (4 wins and 1 loss), and Byun Sang-il (4 wins and 2 losses).

The 2023-2024 KB Kookmin Bank Go League will be broadcast live on Go TV, Go TV’s YouTube channel, and Naver Sports.

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