Lee Jung-hoo has left, but there is another right person to fill the vacancy… 1R big gun prospect changed

Kiwoom Heroes’ Park Chan-hyuk (21) graduated from Bukil High School and joined the team as the sixth overall pick in the second round of the 2022 rookie draft. Park Chan-hyuk had a reputation as a slugger in high school. “Park Chan-hyuk does his best in all kinds of plays, including offense, defense, and baserunning. He also has good concentration in offense and defense. He is also excellent in delivering his power to the batter. I believe he will grow into a slugger-type franchise star,” Kiwoom said.헤라카지노도메인

Park Chan-hyuk has met Kiwoom’s expectations to some extent in his first year as a member of the Futures League. He hit six home runs in 52 games in the 2022 season, and posted a slugging percentage of 0.354. He proved his potential by posting a slugging percentage of 0.404 with three home runs in 28 games in the Futures League.

However, the 2023 season did not sustain his growth. The problem was that Park modified his batting form to produce more long-distance shots. His batting balance was deteriorated, and he had a hard time recovering from it. In the 2023 season, Park recorded a batting average of 0.266 with one homerun and a batting average of 0.201 in 48 games in the first division. In the Futures League, he recorded a batting average of 0.329 with a batting average of 0.475.

When I met with Spotify News recently, Park Chan-hyuk said, “I was constantly shaken because I didn’t have anything for sure. I should have played after making mine perfect, not paying attention to my surroundings. I was nervous because I couldn’t, and I tried to change my batting posture. That’s why I didn’t get the result I wanted,” looking back on last season.

“I tried leg kick when I hit. I changed my form because I wanted to do better. I tried it a few times, and I felt that my rhythm was okay. But soon after, my balance got disordered. It was a shame. I’m trying to find my rhythm when it was good. Then I think I’ll be able to regain my balance,” he said. “I’m trying to regain my strengths that I lost this winter.”

Professionals are evaluated based on their results. Park Chan-hyuk also made a cold diagnosis of reality. I thought that I should work harder because I tried hard but it didn’t produce any results. “I thought I really worked hard. But a professional athlete should prove it with results. I think I didn’t prepare well because the result was bad. I thought I needed to increase my practice more, and I reflected a lot on it. I don’t have time to be upset. I have no choice but to work harder,” Park gritted her teeth.

Meeting with Coach Hong Won-ki was also a good stimulus. “Coach Hong Won-ki said, ‘I’ve seen you for two years. There were times when things went well, and times when things went bad for sure. I think you must have experienced and felt a lot in a short period of time. Now you have nowhere to go. Work hard with that mindset.’ I rather liked his realistic advice,” Park said.

I also remembered the advice I heard from Lee Jung-hoo in the past. Park Chan-hyuk said, “Lee Jung-hoo emphasized mental skills over batting skills. I used to get discouraged when the result didn’t come out. When Lee Jung-hoo saw him, he said, “You should not be discouraged at the baseball stadium. The professional stage is a place where people who are good at baseball in Korea gather. I’m not sure if I can win even if I do it boldly, but can I avoid it and be intimidated? Then you can’t improve.” “Even if I fail, I should keep bumping into him and make up my mind to challenge myself,” he vowed.

This year, Kiwoom’s outfield has a big hole. This is because Lee Jung-hoo joined the San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball. Last year, a substitute named Lee Ju-hyung appeared and foreign hitter Ronnie Dawson is expected to take a place, but there is still a vacancy in Kiwoom’s outfield. Park Chan-hyuk can also have a chance.

“I think I need to improve my skills to be able to establish myself in the first division for sure. All I have to do is show my capabilities to the maximum. I did a lot of weight training and did my best in batting training this winter. I have had trials and errors, so I think I have to do well this year. I am confident,” he said, challenging himself to compete for the starting lineup.

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