“My efforts and the athletes’ efforts are united.” Coach Kim Do-soo of Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis coach Kim Do-soo lived a long life in the professional league as a reliable player when he was an active player. While serving as captain for a long time, he also played an important role to lead players. Coach Kim Do-soo is gaining experience as a leader after completing his career. What kind of picture is the coach’s story he is looking at?라바카지노도메인

The interview took place on December 13, 2013, and this article was published in the January 2023 issue of Rookie

from a veteran player to a coach

Coach Kim Do-soo, who finished his professional career at Orion, starting with Electro Land and KT, played in various fields as a solid forward. Although he wasn’t flashy, he has been in the professional league for a long time based on his ability and hard work, and in the 2015-2016 season, he won the title of captain and the championship title.

Coach Kim spent most of his career with veteran KBL leaders, Choo Il-seung and Jeon Chang-jin. He must have been greatly influenced by Kim. At Orion, coach Choo Il-seung took an eye on Kim, who had been captain for a long time, and offered him a coaching position at the end of his career, opening the door to him as a leader.

“I was like that when I was young, but I always liked to support from the side rather than go out and do anything. I was in front of him for a while in college, but there were so many great seniors in the professional league, and there were so many good players in KTF, so I think I quickly decided that the moment I did what I wanted to show off, I would not be able to play in the game.”

“I learned a lot about coach Jeon Chang-jin’s leadership, ability to control players, coach Choo Il-seung’s resourcefulness, and what kind of preparations a leader should make and how to move forward. In fact, it is a very honorable position and not easy to coach a professional team right after retirement, but I am always grateful because it was coach Choo Il-seung who allowed me to continue that, and I think I learned a lot and left the team.”

“When I first received the offer, I was a bit embarrassed, and I was worried first because there were three seniors who were like him as coaches. I was worried a lot about whether I would be able to do well. Still, when I was captain, I tried to help the players and I think coach Choo Il-seung took good care of that. If I had worked out to stand out and want to be the main character, I think the story would have changed.”

Coach Kim, who spent two seasons as Orion coach, left the team as a new head coach was appointed and the coaching staff was reorganized. Afterwards, he grabbed the microphone and stood back in front of the fans, a commentary that received considerable acclaim from fans for its soft voice and calm analysis.

However, Kim’s career as a commentator did not prolong. After one season as a commentator, Kim became a leader again after serving as a coach for women’s basketball team Hana One Q, and has signed a contract with Hyundai Mobis to assist coach Cho Dong-hyun ahead of this season.

“I always stand on one side and run the game with the determination that our team should win, and as a commentator, I think basketball seemed wider when I was neutral. People say that people who watch Go from the back can see it better. Especially, it was a time when I studied a lot while reviewing the decision in the second half of the game or in various situations.”

“People around me told me to do more commentary, and it was a very valuable year as I spent a lot of time with my family. But I’m active and like to move, but I had a lot of breaks. Still, commentary was a very interesting and good job, but in the end, I’ve thought for a long time that I should teach someone while playing basketball, and I think I was able to continue coaching because I got a good opportunity.”

“I came to Hyundai Mobis at the request of coach Cho Dong-hyun, and I’ve been connected since I was young, so I follow and respect him a lot in my daily life. As the fans know, he made a good suggestion because of Hyundai Mobis’ unique stickiness and the desire to learn organized basketball.”

Hyundai Mobis is a team with many faces that Kim is familiar with, although it was never included in the team when he was an active player. Cho Dong-hyun has been on the same team for a long time since his KTF days, and Yang Dong-geun, the senior coach, is a close friend of the same age since childhood.

“When he was an active player, he had a great desire to win. When he lost, he was so competitive that he wouldn’t even eat, that I had to ask him to go and eat.” (laughs) I think that’s the driving force behind the current coach’s presence. I think it’s natural that a desire to win leads to effort. I think it doesn’t make sense to just have a desire to win without trying hard, and I have to prepare a lot to win. Especially, he is a coach who prepares thoroughly in that area.”

“At first, it was awkward to come into the dorm, but I think I adjusted very quickly because coach Donghyun Cho and Yang Dong-geun are people who have relationships with me. Coach Yang Dong-geun is also playing a very good role as the head coach, and we communicate very well. We’ve been best friends since we were young, so now we’re in a good atmosphere.”

“When I was active, Dong-geun and I talked a lot about the team over a glass of soju after the season, but when I came back, it was the same as what we heard. It’s been like that since Yoo Jae-hak was a coach, but when you live in a group in terms of management or system, you sometimes damage the team through personal actions, and I think that rarely happens here. There are a lot of people who devote themselves and sacrifice for the team, so I thought that the prestigious team was not for nothing.”

Hyundai Mobis’s team structure is a little different from other teams. It is relatively crowded with senior and promising players rather than the middle level of the team.

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