Hwang Joon-seo, whose back number is 29, said, “I have a lot of goals… but first, I want to win the Rookie of the Year award!”

Hanwha Eagles’ special rookie Hwang Joon-seo showed his strong ambition.

Hwang Jun-seo, a native of Jangchung High School, is a left-handed pitcher who boasts an imposing physique of 187 centimeters and 80 kilograms. He showed off his potential by posting six wins, two losses and an earned run average of 2.16 in 15 games (49.2 innings) in the high school league last year. During the period, he allowed only 16 walks and had no homers. Instead, he garnered a whopping 52 strikeouts.헤라카지노주소

Recognized for his capability, Hwang was called to the Hanwha Eagles as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 Rookie Draft. He took the first step as a professional player in the closing camp of Miyazaki in November last year.

During this period, the head coach watched him closely and decided to take him to the first-tier spring camp, and he was selected as a candidate for the fourth or fifth starting position.

“I saw him at the closing camp, and his pitching movements were as stable as I heard from people around him,” Hanwha Eagles coach Choi Won-ho said after the team’s profile photo-taking at Hanbat Gymnasium in Daejeon on Wednesday. “He has good tips on balls and pitches, but he seems to be okay as he mainly throws folk balls or curves. I believe he can compete as a starting pitcher, so I am going to take him to the camp this time and have him compete until the exhibition game.”

When I met him on the same day, Hwang said with a bright smile, “I feel very good about being on the candidate list. My goal is to work hard during the spring camp and enter the opening entry so that I can be on the fourth and fifth starters.”

One of Hwang’s strong points is his bold physical competition. Notably, he does not hesitate to throw balls towards his body even against right-handed hitters. He is confident even against hitters who often lean towards his body like Choi Jeong (SSG Landers).

“Since I’ve had my catchers in the position since (practice) I’ve been practicing pitching, I’ve been able to throw around whenever I want. Since I’m a left-hander, I’ve thrown around a lot since I was young because I thought I should throw around my body well,” Hwang said smiling when asked by reporters if Choi Jeong could throw around.

There was a solid basic skill behind Hwang Jun-seo’s stable control. Typically, he aims to throw accurately even when making simple catches.

“When playing catch ball, I think it is important to put the ball exactly inside the chest. No one told me (to do so), but when I did it myself, I realized it suited me. It helped me a lot,” Hwang said.

Another advantage of Hwang is that he already has his own pitching style. “My coach has taken great care of me since I was a middle school student when I was young. I was able to study thanks to him,” he said. “I watched a lot of baseball games, not just professional baseball games.”

This season, Hwang will take the mound wearing No. 29. No. 29 is the same symbol as KBO League living legend Kim Kwang-hyun.

“I think it suits me well,” Hwang said. “I watched a lot of videos (of Kim Kwang-hyun) since I was young. The fact that number 29 was Kim Kwang-hyun’s number also contributed to this number.”

The Hanwha team will depart for Melbourne, Australia on the 30th to carry out its spring camp schedule. Hwang Joon-seo will also participate in the camp and sweat.

“I heard that they train and play games (from seniors). I want to show that I can play as a starting pitcher by playing as fast as possible,” he said. As for his career goal, he said, “There are many things, but first, I want to win the Rookie of the Year award.”

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