‘EPL leading scorer’ Salah injured hamstring in Nations Cup

English professional football Premier League Liverpool’s “goal catcher” Muhammad Salah (31, Egypt) was replaced by a hamstring (muscle behind the thigh) injury during the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (hereinafter referred to as the Nations Cup).월카지노주소

Salah attempted a sprint near the half line in the second Group B match of the tournament against Ghana at the Felix Upuebuani Stadium in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, today (19th) when the score was 0-0 before suddenly stopping.

Salah, who complained of an abnormality in her left thigh, was immediately replaced after receiving treatment from the medical team.

Coincidentally, Egypt ended the first half 0-1 by losing a point in a minute after Salah was replaced, and scored two goals in the second half to end the game with a difficult 2-2 draw.

Egypt, the most Nations Cup-winning country (7 times) and the runner-up in the previous 2021 tournament, ended up in a draw for the second consecutive game with two points, ranking second in the group behind Cape Verde (3 points).

In the meantime, “signboard goaltender” Salah was replaced with a sore hamstring, putting Egypt in a position to worry about passing the group stage.

ESPN said, “Salah didn’t take questions from reporters at the joint coverage area after the game. However, she smiled and didn’t seem to have much difficulty walking,” adding that her injury didn’t seem to be serious.

Egypt will play their final group match against Cape Verde on the 23rd.

Salah’s injury is a big negative factor not only for Egypt but also for Liverpool, which is keeping a close lead in the EPL.

In particular, Liverpool is leading the EPL by two points ahead of second-place Manchester City and third-place Aston Villa (43 points above), so I don’t want to imagine Salah’s injury, who is tied for first (14 goals) in the EPL scoring rankings along with “monster” Elling Holan (Man City).

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