‘Coaching staff persuaded.’ DB Yoo Hyun-joon reversed his intention to retire and joined team training on the 15th

The coaching staff persuaded him well. Yoo Hyun-joon (27, 178 centimeters) changed his mind to retire and joined the team’s training.라바카지노주소

Recently, rumors of Wonju DB Yoo Hyun-joon’s retirement circulated in the basketball world. If you look at personal social media, you have unfollowed the official DB club account and are missing the list of players registered on the official KBL website. As a result of KBL inquiries, missing Yoo Hyun-joon’s name was a simple mistake. Later, KBL added Yoo Hyun-joon’s name to the DB list.

The 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball match between Seoul Samsung and DB at Jamsil Gymnasium on the 6th. DB manager Kim Joo-sung admitted the rumors were true when talks about Yoo Hyun-joon came out before the game.

“I suddenly announced my intention to retire, and I was dissuaded through counseling. I gave him time to think again. I told him to talk to the club because I couldn’t do anything more than that. I am currently discussing with the club. It is true that he expressed his intention to retire,” he said.

After completing his mandatory military service on Nov. 15 last year, Yoo immediately played in the match against Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan on Nov. 16, but only played 1 minute and 14 seconds due to his hamstring injury. After focusing on rehabilitation, Yoo briefly stepped on the court against KCC on Dec. 15 and Suwon KT on Dec. 17. However, his hamstring injury recurred again, and he suddenly announced his intention to retire to the team during rehabilitation.

Coach Kim Joo-sung, along with other coaching staff and DB teams, dissuaded Yoo from retiring. As Yoo was a backup point guard, he had strong potential to grow.

In the process, coach Han Sang-min came forward. On July 14, when the All-Star Game was held, he had an open-minded conversation with Yoo through a drinking party. After the All-Star Game, coach Kim Joo-sung joined the team to persuade Yoo. After the efforts of coach Kim Joo-sung and coach Han Sang-min, Yoo reversed his intention to retire and decided to rejoin the team.

Coach Kim Joo-sung said in a phone call with this newspaper on the 18th, “Coach Han Sang-min said he would persuade me during the All-Star break. I couldn’t drink, so coach Han Sang-min and Hyun-jun (Yoo Hyun-jun) served me a cup of alcohol while eating. I also joined the team late after the All-Star Game and talked, and I kept persuading him. Fortunately, Hyun-jun said he would try his best again to see if he knew how I felt.”

With confidence, Yoo immediately joined the team’s training on the 15th. As all coaching staff, including head coach Kim Ju-sung, value high, he will be able to see Yoo Hyun-joon play in the court wearing a DB uniform if his condition improves.

“Yeon-eun seems to have lost a lot of confidence and is struggling because of her injury,” manager Kim Ju-seong said. “Hyeon-eun is an orthodox point guard, which is rare now in Korea. I want to make the most of her ability because it is a waste of her ability. If you work hard and become a part of the team, you will be able to increase her playing time.”

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