Kim Ha-sung trade? SD also needs an infielder… Will it end in ‘New Year’

Major League Baseball’s San Diego “Awesome Kim” Kim Ha-sung (29) is “hot.” Trade talks continue. This means that he is that good. In fact, San Diego needs Kim Ha-sung more than any other team. It is a concern.월카지노주소

Kim Ha-sung had his best season of 2023. He had 152 games, a .260 batting average, 17 homers, 60 RBIs, 84 runs scored, 38 steals, and an OPS of 0.749. He produced the best offensive indicator since his big league debut, though he is disappointed by the score of 20-20.

He showed off his crazy performance in defense, going back and forth between second and third base and shortstop. He made countless highlight films. This led to the first Asian infielder to become the Gold Glove. He became the winner in the utility category.

He made his debut in the 2021 season and spent three seasons. He seems to improve every year. There is also an expectation that he can do better in the 2024 season. And after the 2024 season, he can become an FA. There is a mutual option in 2025. The possibility of acceptance converges to zero.

It is quite common to trade players who have one year left before the FA. It is a method of selling players when it is worthwhile, and attracting a large number of promising players. It also means that he is a good player.

There is talk of trade. He hit nearly 20 home runs and stole nearly 40. The defense is among the best anywhere. It has high value. Based on baseball’s reference, he recorded a WAR (contribution to victory over substitute players) of 5.8.

In fact, rich teams do not trade superstar players just because they have one year left in the FA. That’s because they can catch them if they want. San Diego did the same until 2022. Indeed, they spent “boom boom.”

The problem is in 2023. The dedicated broadcasting authority went bankrupt. The broadcasting authority fee of $60 million per year disappeared into the air. In an instant, financial difficulty came. I even got an emergency loan to pay my salary.

It has started tightening. It wants to reduce its total annual salary first. Kim Ha-sung and Jake Cronenworth are considered to be traded. Major League Trade Rumors (MLBTR) also said, “17 teams are interested in Kim Ha-sung.”

An infielder who combines offense and defense. If a player can even play shortstop, it will be of high value. San Diego is enough to receive a package of promising players for sale with Kim Ha-sung.

As Blake Snell, Michael Waka, and Seth Lugo left, there was a hole in the starting lineup. It would be best if we could get a starting prospect. The obstacle is that starting pitchers are precious to any team. You may not get paid as much as you want.

There is another one. The starter is also the starter, but there is also a lack of clear infielders. Manny Machado, the main third baseman, underwent elbow surgery in October last year. He is looking at up to six months before returning. He is expected to play as a designated hitter even after returning.

There is a vacancy for the third baseman at the beginning of the season. It is perfect when Kim Ha-sung goes in. First baseman Jake Cronenworth can go out to his original position as second baseman. If it consists of third baseman Kim Ha-sung, shortstop Xander Bogaerts and second baseman Cronenworth, there is no problem with defense.

If Kim Ha-sung is traded, he will make a hole by himself. Currently, there is no resource that can completely replace Kim Ha-sung in San Diego. In fact, Kim Ha-sung’s annual salary of $7 million in 2024 is not that much. There is no reason to send a player who can use it well at a cheap price.

I have a bad pocket when I give you an extension contract. I need more than 100 million dollars. But I can’t help but think about power composition when I send it. I’m worried about this and that.

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