The Asian Cup anxiety factor that Kim Hak-beom saw in “AG Gold Medal Experience.” “Coach Klinsmann, how well you rotate is the key → the process will be difficult.”

What should the Korean national soccer team, which aims to win the Asian Cup in soccer, pay the most attention to? Asian Games gold medalist Kim Hak-beom (64, Jeju) advised that physical strength arrangement is the most important thing.

Starting with the match against Bahrain on Thursday, Korea will compete for the top spot at the Qatar Asian Cup. The team will play up to seven matches including three group qualifiers and the quarterfinals and semifinal. “You have to do very well in the rotations. The process to the finals is important,” coach Kim Hak-beom said. Kim took charge of the U-23 national team and won the gold medal in men’s soccer at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. The Asian Games consist of three preliminary matches and four tournaments, a total of seven matches, just like the Asian Cup. At that time, Korea had two wins and one loss in its group stage. It beat Iran in the round of 16, Uzbekistan in the quarterfinals, and Vietnam in the finals, and beat Japan in the finals.

The upcoming Asian Cup is expected to take a similar journey. Qualifiers are held every five days. They will be followed by Jordan on June 20 and Malaysia on June 25. The round of 16 best teams is held on February 31, the quarterfinals on February 3, the semifinals on February 7, and the final on June 11. The schedule is getting tight. It is a huge push for players who usually play one or two games a week in the league.랭크카지노도메인

The best 11 cannot be responsible for all the games. Head coach Kim Hak-beom also used a different lineup in all three games during the group qualifying round at the Asian Games. Taking the strikers as an example, Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan, Hwang Ui-jo, Na Sang-ho and Lee Seung-woo properly distributed their playing time. Coach Kim pointed out, “The key is how well coach Klinsmann is in the rotation. The rotation was not smooth in the match against Iraq. I’m sorry about that.” South Korea had the final mock test with Iraq ahead of the Asian Cup on the 6th. They won 1-0 but the contents of the game were not satisfactory. They put a large number of key members on the bench. Seol Young-woo, Hong Hyun-seok, and Oh Hyun-kyu started. The rotation test was strong. Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, Kim Min-jae, and Cho Kyu-sung were put in the second half, but they couldn’t change the flow of the game, which started frustratingly.

The Korean team should settle for a tournament by minimizing power consumption in the group qualifying round. From the round of 16, the team will meet other players including Iran, Uzbekistan, and Qatar who will not be strange even if they are caught. “We should have tested the rotations in advance. The process of advancement is important. We also need to consider physical factors,” coach Kim Hak-beom said.

The final structure that head coach Kim expected was also a fateful match between Korea and Japan. Japan is the most likely winner of this tournament, dominating as the strongest player in Asia. It is the most No. 1 player with four Asian Cup wins. Nevertheless, coach Kim diagnosed that if he wins in the final, he would not know. “I think the final will be a match between us and Japan. We have to play six games to get to the final. We have to play six games well first. As long as we reach the final, other factors other than our skills work in the Korea-Japan match,” he expected.

Kim believes that the road to the final is more difficult than the final. “If we meet (Japan) in the final, I think we will win. If we go up, we will win,” he said.

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