Lee Dae-sung, Jang Min-guk, and Yang Jae-min were invited to Japan’s B. League All-Star Game Weekend by competing for survival through quotas

The “All-Star Game Weekend 2024” of the Japanese professional basketball league B. League took place in Okinawa from Friday to Sunday. The Asian All-Star clash between the rising star of the B. League and the Asian All-Star took place at Okinawa Arena on Tuesday. Lee Dae-sung (34, Shihos Mikawa), Jang Min-guk (35, Nagasaki Belka), and Yang Jae-min (25, Sendai Aitinus) of the B. League were selected as Asian All-Stars and visited Okinawa. It was the first time for the three to gather at one place as they were busy with their schedules in the league.라바카지노주소

Lee Dae-sung and Jang Min-gook, who served as senior and successor of the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu), exchanged jokes and exchanged pleasantries. As Lee Dae-sung joined the military early on, Jang Min-gook couldn’t move at all. “I live alone in Japan, so I don’t have many things to speak Korean,” Jang said with a smile. “It’s fun to speak Korean like this.”

Yang Jae-min, who entered Japan earlier this year, was more relaxed. Many players exchanged greetings in the rising star team of the B. League. “I spent longer time in Japan than the older members. I now have more leeway including how to spend my free time. I have no major difficulties communicating with others,” Yang said. Unlike the two bachelors, Lee Dae-sung, who is married, spent time with his family and has adapted to life in Japan.

The three players have one thing in common. They are foreign players within the team. Notably, players in the Asian quarter are not given many options to attack. As such, they have limitations in how active they are. They cannot break the teamwork of the team, and should give up their desire to attack. B. League rules require Asian quarter players to compete with naturalized player for quota to participate. B. League requires only one player among Asian quarter players or naturalized player to play on the court. Yang Jae-min left the Utsunomiya Brex after the last season because his playing time was reduced due to lack of competition with naturalized player.

“When I get a call from Korea, I often get asked, ‘Why do you stand only in the corner?'” Yang said. “That’s what the team demands from me. If I get greedy when I go in, I have less space to utilize core resources. That’s why it’s important to keep what’s given to me.” “Asian quarter players have more orders in defense than in offense,” Jang said. Lee Dae-sung is not the main ball handler in the B-League. He is also accepting his role as an assistant.

Jang Min-gook and Lee Dae-sung said, “It is not easy to endure in other leagues to the extent that I often think that I should have been better to foreign players and Asian quarter players when playing in Korea. Still, there are many things to learn, so I learn a lot from continuing my career and transforming into a leader in the future.”

Yang Jae-min, who debuted as a professional in the B League, is a little different, but Lee Dae-sung and Jang Min-guk chose challenges and adventures instead of stability even at a young age. This is why their challenge is more meaningful. The role of those who promote Korean basketball in Japan is definitely not small.

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