His nickname is Pretty Boy, and his game style is messy, and Kwon Won-il has won three consecutive championships

“Pretty Boy” Kwon Won-il (28, P-boy MMA) won three consecutive games with a “shut up and attack” hit, and at the same time got a bonus of $50,000 (about 65 million won).

Kwon Won-il won the repertoire stop TKO in 2 minutes and 40 seconds of the second round against Zolcheg (29, Mongolia) at “ONE Fight Night 18” held at the Room Pity Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand on the 13th.

Kwon Won-il did not fall back even when Zolcheg’s heavy hook and uppercut flew in. He moved forward with his chin pulled tight and his guard firmly locked. He flew a sharp straight shot, and used a front kick of his right foot and a left body blob to target his torso.

If only he mixed the hits, Zolchegg might have been able to respond. Here, Kwon Won-il mixed the tackle momentarily. Not knowing where the attack would come from up and down, Zolchegg had less frequent attacks and gasped.마카오카지노

Kwon Won-il, who won the game from the middle of the first round, finished the second round. He dragged Zolchek to the floor with a takedown and sprayed his elbow like an ax. Herb Dean, the repertoire, had no choice but to stop the game.

Kwon Won-il was desperate after losing to Fabrizio Andrazi in the first round of body shot KO in 2022. Mark Abela also demanded a chance to take revenge after catching Zolchegg with (T)KO after Artem Bellach and recording three consecutive finish wins.

Kwon Won-il, who received a $50,000 bonus again with the victory, shouted for him to get back on top with Andraji, the one-championship bantamweight champion after winning against him.

Kang Ji-won (28, Wankho MMA) of the “Mighty Warrior” ended his streak of losing two games in a row. He beat Jamal Abdul-Latif (40, Netherlands) in the second round by hitting consecutive foundations at 4:09 p.m. in the second round.

Kang Ji-won, who was defeated by Amtriangle choke in November last year by Ben Tainan’s wrestling, will start a good start to the new year and try to win consecutive games again.

“Spider” Oh Ho-taek (30, Extreme Combat), who participated in the main event, lost 0-3 to Shamil Gasanov (28, Russia)’s Dagestan wrestling.

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