Badminton’s ‘Genius Girl’ Ahn Se-young made it to the semifinals of the Malaysian Open… His ability to break through the wind

Badminton’s ‘Genius Girl’ announced a fresh start.

World No. 1 player in badminton women’s singles, Ahn Se-young, advanced to the semifinals of the Malaysian Open.

In the quarterfinals of the women’s singles at the Malaysian Open in badminton held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 12th, Ahn Se-young beat the world’s 22nd-ranked female citizens 2-1 (16-21 21-12) to reach the semifinals.

Ahn will thus lead the women with seven wins and one loss. The semifinal match will be between Akane Yamaguchi (Japan), ranked third in the world, and Zhang Yiman (China), ranked 17th.

Ahn, who was leading in the first half of the game, was shaken by consecutive mistakes and allowed women to come from behind. As the wind blew in the stadium, Ahn made repeated mistakes when he tried high clear and hairpinning. He had a break time, trailing 8-11.

Afterwards, Ahn Se-young’s error continued, widening the gap. He was behind by nine points and tried to catch up late, but failed to catch up and lost one game.마카오카지노

In the second game, Ahn was ahead from the beginning. As female players failed to adjust to the wind, the accuracy of her shot significantly decreased. Ahn Se-young, who scored the turning point by leading 11 to 5, widened the gap to double score and secured two games with ease.

After getting used to the wind in the last three games, Ahn Se-young regained her composure. She had a break time leading 11-9. Ahn Se-young, who took the court with less influence from the wind due to court change, widened the gap.

Ahn fell backward during the match but did not suffer any injury. Making full use of the wind direction advantage, Ahn accumulated points. Eventually, he won the game with a strong push attack to secure the last point.

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