Unfortunate pitcher who was kicked out of the KBO despite being in the ERA 2 points… He is aiming for a comeback in MLB’s most prestigious place

NC, which was engaged in a breathtaking ranking competition in the middle of the season, had the strongest ace card named Eric Peddy (Chicago White Sox). However, I was not very satisfied with the remaining seat. Right-hander Taylor Widener was struggling in the KBO League despite his strong points. For this reason, NC decided to replace foreign pitchers after all.헤라카지노주소

The player who was on the radar of the NC Dinosaurs was Tanner Turley (aged 30, registered name Tanner). Although he is not a fastball pitcher with the left-hander, he entered the KBO league under assessment for his relatively stable ball control and diverse pitching. His regular season performance was not that bad. After joining the club as an alternative foreign player, Tanner pitched 64 ⅔s in 11 games this season, relatively well with five wins, two losses and an earned run average of 2.92.

He was not a powerful pitcher. He struck out 47 times in 64 ⅔ innings, but his ratio declined. However, he was not a pitcher who collapsed due to walks, and his batting average of 0.236 and on-base plus one-in-one (WHIP) of 1.10 were relatively stable. NC`s selection was considered relatively successful, with eight quality starts (more than six innings for starters and three earned runs or less) in 11 games.

However, he did have limitations in ball power. In the postseason when all hitters focused more, it was not easy to survive with such power. Tanner was sluggish in the wild card game with Doosan, allowing seven hits (one homer) and three walks and five runs in four innings, and failed to give an impression that he was a solid card overall in the post season. Despite his good performance in the regular season, Tanner ultimately experienced the bad luck of being kicked out.

Tanner is set to re-enter the Major League. Matt Eddy of “Baseball America” reported on Wednesday (Korea time) that Tanner signed a minor league contract with the New York Yankees. Details have not been made public, but most see it as a minor league contract that includes invitation to spring training.

Tanner, who was nominated by Cleveland in 2016 and dreamed of becoming a Major League player, made his dream debut in 2022 after playing in the minor league for a long time. However, he only played in three games in the Major League, and was released after the 2022 season, and signed a contract with the New York Yankees. Tanner, who failed to establish himself in the Yankees’ minor league, came to Korea after receiving a love call from NC Dinos after he was released in August last year. He thus took the hands of the Yankees again.

The Major League Trade Rumors, which mainly deals with news on the Major League’s transfer market, said on Wednesday that he started 19 times in Triple-A last year and only posted an ERA of 5.64 and a strikeout rate of 18.6 percent. However, he limited the walk rate to 6.4 percent and locked 40.7 percent of the balls in the ground (meaning the ground ball rate), adding that the 17.7 percent strikeout rate was still not special even after he entered the KBO league, but the 4.9 percent walk rate and the 59.6 percent groundout rate were encouraging.

It is unlikely that Tanner will join the Major League roster right away. The Yankees, who have been very quiet in the FA market, are still searching for a starting pitcher. Regardless of whether it is the FA market or the trade market, whoever he is, is expected to strengthen the starting pitcher before entering the season. Tanner is expected to stand by as a reserve resource at Triple-A of the Minor League for now. He also has a chance to play in the bullpen.

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