Selection of SON, not Kim Min-jae… Munich hijacking ‘failed’, ‘second Vidic’ Dragusin Why Tottenham was transferred

Radu Dragusin (22, Genoa) chose Tottenham instead of Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich, which needed to strengthen its central defense like Tottenham, entered the Dragusin competition, and the Dragusin choice was Tottenham.마카오카지노

Dragousin is only left to announce his transfer to Tottenham. European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano posted HERE WE GO, which announced the imminent recruitment, and several big media outlets reported the imminent recruitment.

“Tottenham and Genoah reached an agreement on the transfer of Dragusin,” the global sports media outlet “The Athlete” reported. “Genoah accepted the offer to recruit Dragusin just one day later. Dragusin will be on a flight to London on the 10th.”

Media reports suggest that the basic transfer fee of 21.5 million pounds (about 36 billion won) and the option clause of 4.3 million pounds (about 7.2 billion won) are included. Chances are high that the team will sign a five-year contract with Tottenham by 2029. The team will hold a medical test at the Tottenham Club House. There has been no announcement on Tottenham’s official page yet, but given all the circumstances, he will play in the Premier League from the second half of the 2023-24 season.

Tottenham aimed to reinforce its rearguard and frontline strikers this winter. In the beginning, it approached Jean-Clerc Todibo. Todibo has been showing overwhelming performance in the OGC Nice and has been playing hard defense. It has become the leading player in the team’s smallest number of runs as it has shown solid defense and solid feet. Big European clubs, including Manchester United, as well as Tottenham, approached Todibo.

However, OGC Nice’s response was rather stubborn. Although his scoring ability is poor this season, he is ranking second in the French Ligue 1 due to his solid defense. If he is to pursue Paris Saint-Germain, the No. 1 player in the second half of the year, he must make no decision to leave. He has completely blocked his departure from Todibo, refusing to accept any calls from his team including Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham and Postecoglou turned quickly when Todibo’s recruitment was on the verge of collapse. Although it is hard to say that it is a key resource compared to Mickey Van der Ben, he devoted his heart to increasing the depth of the central defense. This is why he approached Dragusin, who was the second target.

Still, Dragusin is a fairly promising defensive resource in Italy. He is 191 centimeters tall and physically overwhelms the rival striker. He is nicknamed the “second Nemanja Vidic” as he is similar to the legendary defender Nemanja Vidic of Manchester United.

Of course, the race to recruit players was not easy. Tottenham approached Dragusin first, but Bayern Munich jumped into the race. The same was true for Napoli. After the 2022-23 season, Kim Min-jae was sent to Bayern Munich, and since the back door became sloppy, they tried to lock him tightly to reinforce winter conditions.

Bayern Munich and Napoli approached Dragusin, but Napoli did not win the bid. As a condition to recruit Dragusin, Genoah granted loan to Alessandro Janoli and Leo ᄋᅀᅳᅵstigor for 20 million euros. He tried to match Dragusin’s price by adding a player to the transfer fee, but it failed to appeal to Genoah.

Napoli failed to recruit players, but Bayern Munich was different. It is a team that is competing to win the UEFA Champions League beyond the German Bundesliga. Bayern Munich brought in Kim Min-jae this summer to strengthen his team, but wanted to recruit him more. Kim came to Korea after the winter break and prepared to participate in the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar. Since he left Bayern Munich for about a month, he needed to beef up defense resources for the early second half of the season.

In the beginning of the winter transfer window, he seemed to be approaching Eric Dier, but he changed his mind to Dragusin. Florian Plattenberg, a German reporter with high public confidence, also said, “Bayern Munich asked Genoa to recruit Dragusin. It is still in the early stages of negotiations, but Bayern Munich is confident it will surpass other teams that Dragusin has attached to. Tottenham negotiated transfer fees with Genoa in the lead bid to recruit Dragusin, but the future will be uncertain.”

Tottenham faced a crisis. Although Tottenham has the merit of being a Premier League team, it is far from qualified to win the title. Moreover, it will not participate in the UEFA Champions League this season.

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