The starting pitcher and bullpen are okay… Kim Jae-yeol’s resolution to “start anew at NC.” “If I have a chance, I can do well.”

Kim Jae-yeol (NC Dinos), a pitcher who was sweating profusely in Okinawa, Japan for the 2024 season, received an unexpected news on Nov. 22 last year when the closing camp was in full swing. He said he would move from KIA Tigers to NC Dinos through the second draft.

Through the second draft last year, NC Dinos let go four players including pitcher Bae Min-seo (Hanwha Eagles), pitcher Lee Jong-joon (LG Twins), catcher Park Dae-on (SSG Landers) and pitcher Kim Cheol-ho (KT Wiz). Then, it nominated outfielder Song Seung-hwan (former Doosan Bears) and pitcher Kim Jae-yeol in the second and third rounds, respectively.

NC expects Kim Jae-yeol, who started in both the first and second teams and experienced bullpen sessions. Kim Jae-yeol was drafted by the Lotte Giants as the 11th pick in the second round of the seventh round in 2014, but was notified of his release without any significant performance, and he got another chance at Kia in 2020. Until last year, he recorded two wins, three losses and seven saves in 104 ⅔ innings in the first division with an ERA of 6.36 and one save in the second division with 211 ⅔ in 87 games with an ERA of 12 wins, nine losses and four saves in 211 ⅔ innings with an ERA of 4.34.헤라카지노도메인

Kim Jae-yeol pitched in 14 and 24 games in the first division in 2020 and 2021, respectively, and continued to expand his position by playing 47 games in 2022. In particular, in August alone, he showed a 2.45 ERA in nine games, seven ⅓, and two holds in seven innings.

However, Kim, who had been sluggish since September, ended the season with regret, and played only nine games in the first division last year. Eventually, Kim, who was pushed out of the competition, will enter the 2024 season with his new team.

Kim Jae-yeol, who recalled the situation at the time of his transfer, said, “Since I went to Okinawa for the final camp, I never thought that I would go to another team. I started training thinking that I was 100% tied to the list of protected players, but I was embarrassed to hear the news all of a sudden.” “After waking up, I realized that it was a good opportunity for me in many ways. I became close to my family living in Busan. I am grateful to the NC team that gave me a good impression. I think I was given this opportunity because I left a good impression. There are a lot of seniors and juniors who played together, and I feel like I have already adjusted to the team,” he said.

Kim Jae-yeol also looked back on 2022, when he had relatively many opportunities. “I always went to the losing group, and I thought that if I went back and forth between the 1st and 2nd teams, I had to seize the opportunity given to me unconditionally, but at that time, I had no choice but to go out as all the winning groups left,” he said. “That was the first time I felt that responsibility, and I think it was better (to take the heavy responsibility). I thought that responsibility would improve my performance and concentration, and that has led to my performance.”

However, his performance in the last season was not very satisfactory. What was the problem? “There was a change of position. Last year was the first time he started in the second division or as a pitcher, but he showed good performance in the second division. However, when he joined the first division, he was not given a chance to start, so his physical routine sometimes didn’t match,” Kim said.

For now, the position has not been decided for sure. Both the starting pitcher and the bullpen are open to possibilities. After the New Year’s Day event on the 8th, NC manager Kang In-kwon said, “Kim Jae-yeol started in the Futures League last year. He didn’t show good performance in the bullpen last year, but we have to join the starting lineup to see how good he is, and if he shows good performance, he can use him as a starter. He said, “I’m going to look at it broadly because it could be highly utilized in the bullpen.”

“I felt a bit comfortable while playing curveball last year. KIA Futures coach Son Seung-rak ordered a lot, but I think he increased his competitiveness by saving the curve and paying attention to the ball control,” Kim said. “I’ll see if I have a chance, but I think I can do well in any position. I’ve read articles that I can be a starter, and I’m preparing for it. It’s possible anytime, and the team needs me, so I’m trying to keep up with the situation as much as possible. (This year) is a season that I have high expectations for myself,” he said.

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