I don’t want to transfer to Son Heung-min’s anger… “I want to play for Tottenham.”

It caused anger from Son Heung-min (31). He did not have good teamwork at the stadium. Nevertheless, he has displayed satisfaction at Tottenham Hotspur. Brian Hill (22) wants to stay with his team.

Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert, recently mentioned Hill’s transfer rumors. “Hill is drawing attention from Fiorentina and Feyenoord,” he said. “We are trying to include a complete transfer option along with a loan transfer from the two clubs.”마카오토토주소

He added, “The transfer of Hill will be decided in the next few days.”

However, according to Riyal Thomas of Sky Sports, a British media outlet, Hill wants to stay at Tottenham. Thomas said, “Hill enjoys the way he trains and plays at Tottenham. He has a good relationship with Enzi Postecoglou.”

“Tottenham brought Timo Werner, but it is not yet clear if Hill will leave on loan,” he said. “Son Heung-min has played in the Asian Cup, and Tottenham’s squad is not abundant.”

Hill, who played for Sevilla, joined Tottenham in the 2021-22 season. At the time, he moved to a new team through a swap deal with Eric Lamela. The transfer fee was 피ᅀ으ᅀᆫ드21.6 million. The contract period was agreed to be five years.

Hill is an outstanding individual player with outstanding personal skills. He evaluated Tottenham as a resource who will take responsibility for its future with his outstanding speed and individual skills that can sway more than one defense.

However, he failed to display remarkable performance. He played in 20 games in his first season, but mostly replaced him. As a result, he left for Valencia on loan through the winter transfer market.

The following year was similar. He played only four Premier League matches. He had little weight in his team. He will leave for Sevilla once again.

This season is similar. He played a total of nine games and started only two games. He left regrets in the course of his attack development, as he had unstable ball touch and made a pass mistake.

There was also a scene where he clashed with Son. In a match against Manchester City last year, when Hill’s pass timing was late, Son Heung-min became furious. The message was to continue the pass play quickly rather than attracting the ball.

“If Tottenham can let Hill go in the summer, it would be better to make the most of it,” The Boot Room said. “Let’s see what happens in the next few days. Hill is talented. It would be a shame if he left on loan.”

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