NC Park Se-hyuk, who is desperate, said, “The growth of junior Kim Hyung-joon is a stimulus.”

NC Dinos veteran catcher Park Se-hyuk (34), who had a disappointing year, will renew his mindset and start the new year.

He is determined to rebound by using the growth of junior catcher Kim Hyung-joon (25) as a stimulus.

After the New Year’s party held at the Olympic Memorial Hall in Masan Stadium in Changwon on Tuesday, Park said in an interview at NC Park in Changwon, “I feel more responsible as I entered my second year of transfer. I have a different mindset,” adding, “Personally, the 2023 season was a disappointing season.”

“My goal was to advance to the semi-finals when I moved to the team last year. Young players were good to me last year, and (Son) A-seop, (Park) Min-woo, and (Park) Gun-woo did a good job. I was able to finish the game with good results thanks to players’ fighting spirit,” he said. “Personally, I was sick in many places, and I think it was a disappointing season.”

Park Se-hyuk played as the Doosan Bears’ main catcher from 2019 to 2022. Park Se-hyuk, who played as a backup catcher, took the lead when Yang Eui-ji, one of the best catchers of his time, became a free agent after the 2018 season and signed a four-year contract with NC for a total of 12.5 billion won and left Doosan. In his first year as a main catcher, he led Doosan to win the title.

Park Se-hyuk, who first became an FA after the 2022 season, signed a four-year, 4.6 billion won contract with NC and changed his uniform. Doosan came to the market as it signed a contract with Yang Eui-ji for 4+2 years, up to 15.2 billion won, and NC, whose main catcher position was blank as Yang Eui-ji left, reached out.

Park Se-hyuk sought to revive by reuniting with NC coach Kang In-kwon, who was taught during the Doosan era, but it did not go his way.

Park Se-hyuk, who was active in offense and defense at the beginning of the season, was left out of the first-team entry for 10 days after being hit on the head by Guillermo Heredia’s bat while playing backswing during the defense against SSG Landers on April 14 last year.

The gap was not long, but the injury has since dropped its batting pace and has rarely survived.

Park was diagnosed with tendonitis in his left wrist in mid-August. Recovery from the injury was slow and he was out of the lineup for about a month and a half until October.

He also handed over the starting catcher’s position to his junior teammates. Promising star Kim Hyung-joon recovered from the cruciate ligament injury he suffered just before being discharged from the military service in Sangmu, and has settled down as the starting pitcher.

Coach Kang put more emphasis after Kim Hyung-joon returned with the gold medal around his neck at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held in September last year. The reason was that he had good energy. In the postseason, all of Kim Hyung-joon started as starting catchers.헤라카지노

“Just because you want to play in the game doesn’t mean you can play in the game. It’s up to the manager, and the player has to accept it. I couldn’t play because I was not good enough,” Park said after self-claiming, “It was a good experience and study to take a step back from the bench and watch the game. I also felt my desire to play in the game as a player again.”

“Kim Hyung-joon’s growth has given us impetus. A young player grows up and comes up against him, and a veteran doesn’t mean that he should be proud. We have to prepare according to reality,” Park said. “I felt a lot last season that I should not be less prepared.”

Park Se-hyuk is preparing for the 2024 season with more determination than anyone else. “I worked out more than usual. I have been working out quietly and silently since the off-season began,” he said.

Kang Jung-ho, a former Major Leaguer, will soon leave for the U.S. and sweat profusely at an academy run by Kang in Los Angeles. Veteran outfielder Son Ah-seop of the NC Dinosaurs, who trained with Kang ahead of the 2023 season, successfully rebounded.

“(Son) A-seop also had some things he felt when he hit the wall in the 2022 season, and he trained in the U.S. “I decided to go to the U.S. because of A-seop’s influence,” Park said. “I also wanted to go to the U.S. before the Arizona spring camp begins. I thought about accepting the reality that I didn’t play many games and getting ready in advance.”

NC had a power leak this winter. Eric Peddy, the “super ace” who won 20 games last year, signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox and left for the U.S.

“After the opening game last year, I told him that he would be able to win 20 games, and he did it. I had the luck of a foreign pitcher, so I tried to win 20 games for the third time,” Park said. “However, Pedi has already left. We need to find other alternatives. I will lead other foreign players well and show good performance,” Park said.

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