Major League Baseball’s Big Stars in Korea-Japan Baseball

In 2024, more Korean and Japanese players will be seen playing in the U.S. Major League Baseball. This is because star players representing Korea and Japan have been treated well and have succeeded in entering the U.S.헤라카지노도메인

In the KBO league, Lee Jung-hoo (26), the “grandchild of the wind,” successfully entered the U.S. through a posting system. He signed a six-year contract with San Francisco for a total of 113 million dollars.

With this contract, Lee Jung-hoo has rewritten the history of Korean Major Leaguers’ ransom. He achieved the feat of being the largest contract among Korean players who entered the Major League through posting. The previous largest contract was made by Ryu with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013 for 36 million U.S. dollars (annual average of 6 million dollars). Even if he expands his horizons by signing a free agent contract with a Korean big leaguer, Lee will rank second in total. Choo Shin-soo (current SSG) signed a one-year, 130 million-dollar contract with the Texas Rangers in 2014. Choo’s annual average was 18.57 million dollars at the time, which is higher than that of Lee Jung-hoo at 18.83 million dollars.

Lee Jung-hoo and “Mae-je” Ko Woo-suk are going to the U.S

Lee Jung-hoo was mentioned in the main page of MLB.COM on Jan. 1, 2024, when the new year begins in 2024, through an article titled “One (hopeful) prediction of 30 clubs in the 2024 season.” Lee Jung-hoo is even placed at the center of the main photo. This is a glimpse of San Francisco’s expectations for Lee.

Lee Jung-hoo is confident that Oracle Park, which will be his new home ground, fits him well. “I’m not a home run hitter,” Lee Jung-hoo said, “I can hit it separately in the middle of the left and right, so if I take advantage of my strengths, it will be a good stadium for me.”

San Francisco already treats Lee Jung-hoo as a star. Even his pet dog “Cao” was spotlighted on social media. It is in a similar vein to Shohei Ohtani’s pet dog that nestled in the Los Angeles Dodgers. “I heard the club has a ‘Pet Day’,” Lee Jung-hoo said. “I also introduced him to the club because he said he has a pet dog.”

In Japan, there is also a player who successfully entered the U.S. through the same posting system. pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, 26, who dominated the Japanese professional baseball (NPB), has settled in with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the same team as Ohtani.

The deal was also huge. He agreed to receive 325 million U.S. dollars for 12 years. The 325 million dollars is the biggest guarantee that right-hander Gerick Cole has ever received, breaking the three-year, 324 million dollars he received from signing a contract with the New York Yankees by 1 million dollars.

Japanese stage ratings Yamamoto, Otani, and one bowl of rice

Yamamoto dominated the so-called Japan stage. Since joining the Orix Buffaloes in 2017, he has swept the Sawamura Award, the Japanese version of the Cy Young Award, for the third consecutive year as pitcher, best pitcher for three years, and best player for three consecutive years in the Pacific League. For the past seven years, he has recorded 70 wins and 29 losses, 32 holds, 1.82 ERA and 992 strikeouts. Over the past three years, he has recorded an overwhelming 49 wins and 16 losses with 1.44 ERA and 580 strikeouts.

At the World Baseball Classic held in March last year, he contributed to Japan’s victory by posting 7.1 innings, one win, and 2.45 ERA in two games. At that time, he was well received by scouts in the U.S. Major League Baseball. After the WBC, he continued to play in the regular season, knocking on the door of the U.S. stage.

Several teams have sought to recruit Yamamoto. The New York Mets, the New York Yankees, San Francisco, and the Boston Red Sox competed. Notably, there were reports that the Yankees had raised 305 million dollars. According to the Associated Press, Yankees manager Aaron Boone met with Yamamoto and handed him his PinStrip uniform with his jersey number 18. Mets owner Stephen Cohen invited Yamamoto to his house and made aggressive efforts to win him over. As the Dodgers, which took over Ohtani, embraced Yamamoto, it is now able to take a big step toward winning the World Series title.

The Dodgers plans to use Yamamoto as the first starter for the new season. Ohtani, who doubles as pitcher and batter, can only play as a batter for one season due to the aftermath of elbow surgery.

As Yamamoto is highly anticipated as an ace, he is treated tremendously by the Dodgers. According to the terms and conditions of Yamamoto’s contract obtained by The Associated Press, he can not only veto the Minor League but also be accompanied by a full-time interpreter, personal trainer, and physical therapist. He will also receive tickets for five round-trip flights a year with hotel suites for away games. Instead, the Dodgers has set up a safeguards by placing an opt-out (breaking the previous contract and signing another free agent contract) on Yamamoto’s elbow during the contract period.

In addition, a number of players from Korea and Japan have entered the U.S. In addition, LG’s Ko Woo-seok (26), who became a family member with Lee Jung-hoo’s sister by revealing his anger, also signed a contract at the end of the posting deadline. He was offered to join San Diego, where Kim Ha-sung plays, and his team LG’s permission was lost. Ko’s negotiation deadline was 7 a.m. on January 4th, Korean time, and Ko left for the U.S. on the 3rd.

San Diego belongs to the same MLB National League West as Lee Jung-hoo’s team, San Francisco. Therefore, I will meet a Korean fan in the regular season opening series between the Dodgers and San Diego, which will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul for two days from March 20-21. San Diego has Kim Ha-sung. Kim Ha-sung and Ko Woo-seok will visit Korea together.

Yuki Matsui, 29, who finished best in Japan, is also a member of the San Diego Padres. Matsui is also one of the players who will play in the U.S. from next season. Matsui, who has played for the Rakuten since 2014, recorded 236 saves and 2.40 ERA in 659.2 innings in 501 games.

In the 2023 season, he recorded 39 saves, eight holds and an ERA of 1.57 in 59 games. After the end of the season, he exercised his rights as an overseas FA to advance into the U.S. The team signed a five-year contract worth 28 million U.S. dollars. San Diego was able to gain the benefit of thickening the “back door” that it was agonizing over as it would have both Ko Woo-suk, the Korean team’s closer, and Matsui, the Japanese team’s closer.

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