‘Big League 65 wins left-hander’ to Mets, one less option… What will Ryu Hyun-jin decide

Left-hander Sean Manaea, one of the pitchers who was constantly mentioned in the Major League Baseball (MLB) free agency market, has joined hands with the New York Mets. Naturally, Ryu Hyun-jin has one fewer choice.

Local media in the U.S., including Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com , reported on the 7th (Korean time) that “the New York Mets have signed a contract with Manaea.” The details of the contract are reported to be a total of $28 million (about 36.8 billion won) for two years, including an “opt-out” clause after the 2024 season.랭크카지노주소

Manaea, who was drafted by the Kansas City Royals in 2013, made his big league debut in 2016 as a member of the Oakland Athletics, and recorded seven wins, nine losses and a 3.86 ERA in 144 ⅔ in 25 games (24 starts) that year. In 2017 and 2018, he had double-digit wins for two consecutive years, playing a significant role as a starting pitcher.

Manaea, who pitched in only five games in 2019, recorded 4 wins, 3 losses and 4.50 ERA in 11 games and 54 innings in 2020, when the season was shortened in the aftermath of COVID-19, and 11 wins, 10 losses and 3.91 ERA in 179 ⅓ in 32 games in 2021.

Since then, Manaea, who spent the 2022 season with the San Diego Padres, has a record of 8-9 with a 4.96 ERA in 158 innings in 30 games (28 starts), and played his part with a 7-6-3 save with a 4.44 ERA in 117 ⅔ innings in 37 games (10 starts) with the San Francisco Giants last year. The overall record in the big league is 196 games (166 starts) with 1,002 ⅔ innings, 65-56-3 holds with a 4.10 ERA.

“Manaea endured the worst year of her career with San Diego in the 2022 season. In the middle of last season, she added a sweeper (strained slider) to her pitching combination, and she ended the 2023 season with 9.8 strikeouts per nine innings, the most since her debut,” MLB.com said.

“After the Mets traded Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander last year, Senga Kodaly and Jose Quintana played full time in the team, and Tyler Megill, Jose Bhutto and Joey Luchesi started,” the media said. “There have been many changes in the rotation over the past few months, and Manaea is expected to be included in the back of the rotation.” Given the current atmosphere, Manaea is likely to be the fourth or fifth starter.

Manaea has been considered one of the best pitchers to strengthen the starting lineup. MLB.com mentioned Manaea’s name as an “intermediate rotation option” that could help strengthen the starting lineup, while dealing with players remaining in the free agent market as of Tuesday. Michael Lorenzen, Mike Clevinger, Alex Wood, James Paxton, and Ryu Hyun-jin were also mentioned.

“The Baltimore Orioles are still searching for starters, and Lucas Giolito and Frankie Montas, who could have been interested, are said to have found new teams,” the U.S. media reported. “The FA market still includes Marcus Stroman, Lorenzen, Manaea, and Ryu Hyun-jin. They are also suitable pitchers for the team’s budget.”

In particular, Manaea is a pitcher who was frequently connected with the Mets. The U.S. media “SNY” selected Manaea along with Imana, Lorenzen, and Ryu Hyun-jin in an article titled “Four starters the Mets should consider” on April 31. The U.S. media “The Mets are keeping an eye on left-handed free agent Sean Manaea and Ryu Hyun-jin,” the New York Post reported on Wednesday.

As a result, the Mets took a breather with Manaea’s recruitment, and now Ryu Hyun-jin, who was mentioned with him, has to decide his destination.

Since December last year, Ryu has been singled out as one of the candidates to be recruited by teams that want to reinforce their starting lineup. Not only the Mets and Baltimore Orioles, but also the Boston Red Sox and San Diego Padres, who showed interest in Manaea, have emerged as candidates.

In particular, San Diego, the team of “Awesome Kim” Kim Ha-sung, was linked to Ryu Hyun-jin. The San Diego regional media “East Village Times” published an article titled “San Diego is a starting pitcher who could consider recruiting” on the 31st of last month, mentioning the names of Michael Kopech and Jakob Junis.

“Padrises fans are probably familiar with 36-year-old Ryu. After becoming a free agent, he spent the first six seasons of his big league career with the Los Angeles Dodgers and four seasons with Toronto,” the media said. “He couldn’t play in many games in the 2023 season due to Tommy John surgery, but he has displayed stable and steady performance since his return. Ryu is an efficient pitcher who can be utilized in the starting lineup of San Diego. His walk rate of just 6.3 percent is one of the numbers that fans will like.”

“His average ball speed was 87.5 miles per hour, making him in the top 75. His success rate in inducing grounders was 46.2 percent, and his strong batting average was 36.8 percent, which would enable him to achieve better performance if he were to play at pitcher-friendly Petco Park,” he said, predicting that Ryu’s combination with Petco Park would be a good match.

According to Baseball Reference, a major league statistics website, Ryu Hyun-jin’s overall Petco Park performance was consistent with three wins and an ERA of 1.38 in 26 innings in four games. His on-base percentage (WHIP) and on-base percentage per inning were only 0.465 and 0.69, respectively. Even considering that he faced only one San Diego team, not another, it is true that he made positive results when playing at Petco Park.

The media also reported that “Park effector at Rodgers Center, Toronto’s home stadium, where Ryu played for four seasons, ranks 15th overall in the league with an average of 100. Petco Park’s figure is 95, which means it is one of the most pitcher-friendly stadiums. It can be helpful for Ryu.”

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